Scott Sidler of Austin Historical returns to our Window Hero Webinar series with a practical talk on the basics of how to care for and repair your windows, which is outlined in his new book, Old Windows In-Depth. Scott gives homeowners to-the-point, actionable tips for how to care for old wood windows.

In the webinar, Scott goes over everything from tuning up your window for evergreen reliability, to weatherization ideas, to the best tools and materials for window repair projects.

The tools Scott recommends for repairing and maintaining old wood windows:

Other resources:

Note on Lead Paint: To stay safe during home renovations, please refer to this excellent lead safety guide developed by the EPA.


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Scott is the author of the informative and widely-read Craftsman Blog. He is also the author of Old Windows Made Easy and Living in the Past. He lives in Orlando, Florida where he restores old wood windows and homes for a living.

“Our historic buildings give us a sense of our place in time. They let us know that this town, this country, this planet is not ours, but rather it is on loan from our children. We see that there were people here before us and because of that, we can more easily grasp the idea that there will be people here after us.”

– Scott Sidler from the post, Preservation is not about the past, it’s about the future.

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