Trying to make your cold house warm?

One of the most common reasons people feel uncomfortable in their home is due to cold, and combating that cold is the first step to making an old home more livable.  Blocking cold drafts is not only one of the best ways you can combat cold, but is also a great step to take on the way to historic home energy efficiency.

There may be many reasons why you are experiencing cold drafts in your house. The first step is to inspect the building envelope to determine where cold air may be coming in or where you might have low levels of insulation. Homes built prior to 1993 may have opportunities to upgrading their space, not only historic homes built prior to 1950.

In this Window Hero Webinar, Irie Searcy takes us through the most common harmful factors to a house’s energy output, as shown by energy efficiency studies, and she provides some tips on how to make your old home more livable.

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Irie Searcy of Enhabit in Portland Oregon is a home performance advisor who knows how to get your house ready for fall. In this Window Hero Webinar she gives advice on how home owners, especially those of older historic homes, can make them more energy efficient, safer, healthier places to live.

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Learn more about how Indow window inserts help save windows.

About Indow window inserts

Indow window inserts are interior storm panels designed to increase energy efficiency and comfort while preserving historic integrity by gently pressing into existing window frames. They simply press into place without a mounting bracket using our patented silicone Compression Tube. Always custom fabricated to fit out-of-square and special geometry windows, Indow inserts are ideal for beautiful historic windows.

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