Alison Hardy is spreading a fresh word about window restoration. The window replacement industry has a powerful voice and the message most homeowners hear is replace, replace, replace: they should replace their windows if they want to create energy efficiency.

But a new alliance has formed to save historic windows and fight window replacement. Our Window Hero Webinar introduced the woman leading the charge: Alison Hardy, who last year restored and repaired more than 1,300 windows with her team at Window Woman of New England in Massachusetts. Alison spoke about the Window Preservation Alliance’s mission and how it plans to help local historic preservation organizations across the nation.

Often, homeowners just don’t realize that there’s a resurgence of skilled artisans who can repair and restore their original wood windows. Sometimes these craftspeople are hard to find, but they’re starting to band together. Greater awareness and understanding can help us preserve the heritage of our building stock in the U.S.

Check out this page to join the fight for Window Preservation!

NOTE ON LEAD PAINT: To stay safe during home renovations, please refer to this excellent lead safety guide developed by the EPA.

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Indow window inserts are interior storm panels designed to increase energy efficiency and comfort while preserving historic integrity by gently pressing into existing window frames. They simply press into place without a mounting bracket using our patented silicone Compression Tube. Always custom fabricated to fit out-of-square and special geometry windows, Indow inserts are ideal for beautiful historic windows.

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