Need practical and easy ways to make your space more energy efficient? We have 25 ways to save energy (and money!) without completely breaking your routine or the bank.


Ways to Save Energy & Be More Efficient

The opposite of energy efficiency is energy inefficiency. So, finding ways to save energy at home is really making your home work for you in the most efficient way possible. This is ensuring every system is set up well for how you use it, finding and eradicating redundancies. We’ve created a list of 25 items to check those systems and make sure you aren’t wasting any energy.


How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Energy conservation is a mix of changing habits and making changes to our home. But knowing how to save energy and which changes to make can be difficult. Our list has 25 different ways to save energy at home so you can pick which work best for you. Such as:


One & Done Items:

Plant Trees

Build a Rainwater Collection System

Call in Some Help:

Installing Solar Panels

Inspect Your Insulation

Habit Changers:

Cook Smarter

Start Composting

installing solar panels
Get Energy Saving Tips for Kids

How to Conserve Energy At Home With Kids

Think energy upgrades are just for adults? Think again! Get the kids involved in ways to save energy with illustrations and fun activities. Giving them a role to play will help them continue to learn and take responsibility.

Our Energy Investigator Download provides:

An in-home energy efficiency investigation led by kids!

Coloring book that helps kids learn about energy conservation 

A chance for you and your child to look over the results together to find ways to save energy & how they can continue to help


Download 25 Ways to Save Energy at Home


Small changes add up to big savings – both in energy and bills. Do it for your bank account and the environment, because these simple changes really make a big difference. It’s mostly about making your home work for you, so more efficiently. Who doesn’t want that?