The 2021 zine themes are community sustainability and how we have managed to maintain a sense of community and place in isolation. After a year of losing community gathering places, it’s more important than ever to lift these places up. How do we celebrate place when we cannot stand in it? How do we lift up community when we cannot gather?

Sustainable solutions for community gathering places are things such as energy efficiency, reuse, accessibility – they go beyond the materials (but creative reuse of materials is very welcome!). What bridges were built beyond our material world this last year to strengthen our community sustainability?

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What is a zine?

Short for magazine, zines started as a radical way to self-publish and spread information quickly. Zines were often xeroxed, collaged, full of handwritten poems or manifestos. Today, zines come in many forms, from a single folded page covering one topic to a bound, chaptered epic.

Zines are always self-published, whether online or physically. They can be full of writing, comics, art, music critique, interviews – anything! Head to our resource center if you’re interested in making zines yourself!

Zine Deadline & Release Dates

Our 2021 zine has now been released! View it and previous issues on our online zine library

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Window Zine Submission Guidelines and Form

For all: no lewd or graphic material.


  • Under 300 words
  • Word, Google Doc, or .txt file
  • If not in English, include an English translation


  • JPEG, PNG, or PDF
  • No more than 50 MB


  • No longer than 10 minutes
  • Email [email protected] the video or a link to the video
  • If you post the video on YouTube, use the hashtag #windowzine