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window zine examples from previous years

A zine (pronounced zeen) is a small DIY self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, often produced via photocopier. The format—unencumbered by rules relating to form, function, or purpose—allows makers to share stories about anything. As preservationists work to expand the narrative on saving old places, make preservation inclusive, and reach new audiences, zines are one strategy you should add to your toolkit.


You will learn:

  • Tactics to create a concept for a communication campaign.
  • Methodologies to create a zine as a storytelling strategy.
  • How to create captivating imagery.
  • New ways to use archival resources.

This online workshop will begin with a short facilitated dialog on pushing preservation forward:

  • What conversations we need to be having as practitioners in the field and 
  • Where & how these conversations can occur

Participants will learn how to curate their own personalized publication to voice their perspective, a community story, or a collaborative initiative on a topic that connects with them. 

Webinar attendees will be emailed a supply list to assemble ahead of time. Check out the Indow Window Zine 1 and 2 for inspiration. Submissions are open until August 1, 2020 for inclusion in Window Zine 3


Our Speakers
Sarah Marsom

Sarah Marsom’s work as a heritage resource consultant is rooted in empowering the next generation of community advocates and increasing representation of lesser known histories. With 10+ years of experience working in the cultural resources field, Sarah specializes in education and outreach strategies in addition to strategic planning. In 2018, Sarah was recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as the recipient of the American Express Aspire Award during the 2018 National Preservation Awards and as an honoree of the  inaugural 40 Under 40: People Saving Place’s list.  

Sarah has been published as a contributor in Historic Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice (3rd ed.), Belt Publishing’s Columbus Anthology, and numerous zines. Her work has been featured in Curbed, Traditional Building Magazine, and the National Parks Service’s LGBTQ America Theme Study, amongst other publications and podcasts.

Nimisha Bhat
Nimisha Bhat (she/her/hers) is Visual Arts Librarian at Smith College’s Hillyer Art Library in Northampton, Massachusetts. She promotes methodologies and tools of in arts, film & media studies, and landscape studies for research, teaching, and learning, as well as engaging the art community through library services and collections. She provides visual & information literacy support and outreach to students, faculty, and staff through a critical and intersectional lens.
Kristina Damschen Spina

Kristina is the VP of Marketing for Indow, a window insert company that provides an alternative to replacement. She joined Indow in 2012 and brings 17 years of experience in media and event production, working with prestigious international companies such as the English National Opera and Bonhams Art Auctioneers. Her BA in Theatrical Design & Production, and her minor in Art History, inspired several creative historic preservation community projects such as the Window Hero Webinars and Young Preservationists annual events. 

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