Every year, with the help of community members, Indow creates a zine to talk about why place matters. We asked preservationists, photographers, artists- everyone -to share their stories about community and place with us.

Thank you for taking the time to hear their voices through our zine library. We invite you to join in with your own on social media @indowwindows.

2020 Window Zine


Letter from the Editors

Window Zine Readers,

Thank you for caring about art, history, and our built environment. Preservation has come to hold so many things – preserving our history, our culture, our buildings, our architecture, our resources. It’s a heavy burden for that one word.

Let’s lighten its load by allowing art, writing, photography, and our stories to share the space. That’s where the concept of preservation belongs, whether in poetry or watercolor, our stories are preserved when we protect places. We asked preservationists, photographers, artists – everyone – to share their stories about place with us.

Assigning value to spaces: historically vs now. Community vs “historic events”.

History is happening now and being captured on buildings and in windows.

Thank you for reading, 

-The Indow Zine Team


What is a Zine?

A zine is a collection of art, poems, and articles, usually based on a theme, which is self-published. Ours is a window zine made in collaboration with many other preservationists and community members. This year’s themes are redefining historic preservation, how our view of old places ties in with modern lives, and that preservation belongs to everyone.

Previous themes have included vintage neon signs, widows (it is a window zine) and the importance of historic preservation. You can view them all above in our online zine library.

Group of young preservationists who contributed to the Window Zine to show the importance of historic preservation

Window Zine Collaborators

We had fantastic artists and writers from all over the country join in creating Window zine for PastForward Conference 2019. We were overwhelmed with their enthusiasm and their skill.

Aisha Munir |Lancashire (Instagram)
Anne Shaw | Kokomo, IN (
Linkedin) (Instagram)
Ben Wood | San Francisco, CA (Website)

Boston Historic Preservation | Boston, MA
Claire Meyer | Nashville, TN
Clay Fellows | Cleveland, OH (YouTube) (Linkedin) (Instagram)
Dustin Klein | (Instagram)
Erin Weber Boss | Hendersonville, NC

Gina Tran | Portland, OR
Jacqueline Drayer | Washington, DC
Jane Griswold Radocchia | Bennington, VT (Website)
Jeff Lee | San Francisco, CA
Jeremy Ebersole | Portland, OR (Linkedin) (Instagram)
Jillian Woltz | Columbus, OH (Instagram)
Kat Harrison | Philadelphia, PA (Website)
Kate Scott | Norfolk, VA
Kathryn Foster | Portland, OR
KDS | Portland, OR
Kim Bauer | Brighton, CO (Website)
Komal Sawant | Mumbai, India (Instagram)
Laurea McLeland | Muncy, PA (Website)

Lillyanne Pham | Portland, OR
Larry Shure | Chicago, IL
Mary Means | Silver Spring, MD
Mike Arnesen | Portland, OR (Website)

Preserving East New York (PENY) | (Instagram)
Rachel Marsom | Hendersonville, NC
Raina Regan | Washington, DC
Regan Weber | Valparaiso, IN
Rhys Martin | Tulsa, OK (Website)
Russ Eisenburg | Portland, OR
Ryan Libby | Portland, OR
Sarah Marsom | Columbus, OH (Website)
Sarah Shay | Cincinnati, OH
Siobhan C. Hagan | Baltimore, MD (Website)

Stuart Rosenfeld | Portland, OR
Terra Wheeler | Portland, OR
Travis Newsome | Berwyn, IL (Instagram)

Share your window and preservation art and writing! Tag us @indowwindows and use #windowzine and we might include your work in out next Window Zine. Or, sign up below or follow us on Instagram for updates on the next edition and preservation news.

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