Restoring Windows In Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

////Restoring Windows In Frank Lloyd Wright Houses
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Frank Lloyd Wright houses are esteemed pieces of architecture, designed by one the most iconic architects and visionaries in US history. Almost 60 years on from his death, many of his 532 completed structures now require specialised and specific restorative work.

Old window repair is a challenging, daunting task at the best of times, even more so in Frank Lloyd Wright houses. Wright cared about windows, and designed his structures around natural light and views. To undertake this kind of specialized work requires skill, research and experience.


In this video, John runs through the process of restoring historic Frank Lloyd Wright windows, and tell us why these original windows are so valuable.

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John Eifler spent decades restoring Frank Lloyd Wright homes before buying one himself in Glencoe, Illinois. An iconic American architect, Wright cared about windows and designed his homes around natural light and views. Eifler wasn’t about to replace any of the original windows even though they needed a lot of work including removing layers of lilac paint.

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