Watch a virtual tour of Federal style house interior. Candice Hunsinger, of Ivory and Iron, lead us through her 1790 Federal home, which she has been carefully restoration with her husband. They are turning their Federal house and barn into an organic homestead and shop, preserving everything they can along the way. This includes their Federal style windows, which she retrofitted with Indow window inserts to increase efficiency.

 federal style house interior

Candice has an exceptional eye for design, but she doesn’t consider herself an interior designer. She learned the tools of the trade running small businesses with her husband and always putting her best design foot forward.

She loves all Federal style homes for their structured simplicity. There are little flairs that elevate the architecture, but the basic interior means Candice is free to add her own style.

She advises anyone restoring older homes: “Respect the property.” Many go into a restoration project with a strict idea of what they want, but it’s better to wait and live in it for a while. Candice has a passion for restoration and preservation because she loves caring for things built lifetimes before. They are a timeless testament to hard work and care.

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Video of Tour Through Federal Style House Interior



Candice answered questions live for viewers after the Federal Style home tour. Read a couple samples or listen to the whole recording below.

Q: How do you prioritize renovations?

A: The first thing we needed to do was check on all the mechanicals. Know the ins and outs of the house so we could take care of it ourselves. Things like that were the number one priority. Making sure that the heating, the air, just all the efficiency part of the house was functioning properly so that it was livable. From there we just started painting, painting, painting, and more painting.

We really focused a lot on creating a cozy environment on the second floor so we could keep the house efficient. It was important to us to be able to keep the efficiency in all of the rooms and all of the floors really intact. So, that’s where the Indow inserts really came in handy on the second floor.

Q: Any advice for anyone just starting on restoring an older home?

A: The most important thing you should do when you are taking care of a historic property is to live in it. Don’t jump in and start tearing it apart. You really need to live in it a while, understand the space. You might question why someone added a doorway here or put in this wall here and you start to take it apart and you see “Oh I get it. I see why.” Things reveal themselves.

I think it’s important to go in with a plan, but you need to understand that the house is its own being. It will tell you what you are capable of doing with it. It’s important to be flexible and not just jump into it before you live in the space and understand its quirks and its character.

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