Compression Fit Interior Storm Windows

No screws. No nails. No mounting bracket. Just a precise fit that pushes into place.

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Indow inserts are interior storm windows that press into the inside of your window frames. Our silicone tubing holds the insert in place while blocking drafts and noise. Unlike exterior storm windows, Indow inserts don’t obscure the view of your original windows, or require climbing a ladder outside to install.

We take great pride and care in our work, precision cutting each insert to fit your window exactly. Installation of the insert takes just minutes and our patented silicone tubing lets you easily pop them out and reinsert them. Indow window inserts can be made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit odd size windows many exterior storm windows can’t accommodate.


How do Indow Inserts Compare to Interior Storm Windows?


How does Indow compare to other interior storm windows? This chart shows the most basic benefits Indow inserts have over other interior storm windows—installation that’s easy and damage-free—but scroll down to read it directly from customers.

indow insert exterior storm window

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Benefits of Indow Window Inserts:


“All exterior storm windows serve the important purpose of protecting your valuable historic wood windows from the elements and save energy.

Interior storm windows save energy but have other benefits over exterior storms.”

Ken Roginski says this in his article Exterior Storm Windows, Screens & Curb Appeal. He goes on to say, “The bad part is that all exterior storm windows detract from the appearance of your house. Interior storm windows however do not.”

Here are some of the other benefits interior storm windows have over outside storm windows:

  • Superior at blocking drafts
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Reduce or eliminate condensation
  • Average 20% energy savings
  • Up to 70% noise reduction
  • Approved by historic district guidelines

Avoid Lasting Damage of
Exterior Storm Windows

Exterior Storm Windows Outside Storm Windows

Most exterior storm windows require you to scrape off paint, add adhesive, screws, tracking or other hardware to your window frames. This can permanently damage your home and takes hours of your time for assembly and installation. Indow window inserts are custom fit to your window, so require none of the above. Once in place, inserts blend in with the surrounding frame so you will hardly notice them.


Customer Testimonials

We care a lot about our customers and think Indow customer reviews speak for themselves:

Exterior Storm Windows Outside Storm Windows
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