On This Old House, windows often present tough renovation challenges. How do you insulate arched windows or half rounds without changing the character of the home or spending tons of money?

exterior view of this old house with arched window inserts

This was the question facing Katherine and Murat Bicer as This Old House TV show completely renovated their 1895 Victorian in Belmont, Massachusetts. The couple didn’t want to cover these single-pane beauties with exterior storms but they didn’t want to ignore them either since insulated home windows were a high priority. Not when This Old House was bringing their historic dwelling back to life from the foundation to the rafters for a 16-part television series.



woman insulating home windows with Indow window inserts
“We love the inserts, you can barely see them – they don’t impact the way a window looks at all. They sit so perfectly. And the huge pro of the Indow insert is that you don’t have the profile of the storm window on the exterior of the house. We really care a lot about our windows, we’ve gotten pretty crazy about them.”

– Katherine Bicer – Home Owner, Belmont, Massachusetts.


As they were talking with the show’s producers, Indow came up. They decided to call and see if it was possible to have arched window inserts made for the rounded Victorian windows upstairs. It was: Indow regularly makes special geometry window inserts from batwings to rounds.

old house windows with indow window inserts

On one of the arched windows that opened, Indow divided with the company’s custom mullion bracket so the Bicers could remove just the lower Indow insert if they wanted to open the window for a fresh breeze. They also later ordered a Privacy Grade insert for one of the windows so they could maintain privacy but still enjoy light.

indow window arched window inserts


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woman installing indow insert for simple soundproofing in windows