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Video: Interior Storm Windows for Historic Homes

///Video: Interior Storm Windows for Historic Homes
Video: Interior Storm Windows for Historic Homes2018-07-13T19:42:59+00:00

Erin discusses storm windows for historic homes:

Erin, wanted comfort and energy savings for her older home without the expense and damage caused by window replacement. Her search led her to Indow window inserts, a new type of storm window for historic homes, but they install on the inside of the window without a mounting bracket. Indow inserts have the lightest touch, both physically and aesthetically, of any window insulation option for original windows. And they are much easier to use than exterior storm windows.

“We want to retain our bungalow’s integrity and the original charm and you can’t do that by buying a new set of windows. I work in the energy conservation industry and I actually do a lot of research on emerging technology and so when I heard about this simple invention from Indow I had one of those AHA! moments. I realized, wait, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before??” Erin B., Portland, OR

“We had the need and they were able to provide us with a product at a cost that was within our price range, so, there really was no obstacle. We were so excited about the concept of installing these custom interior storm windows. We figured, why not do it?”

Erin found that Indow window inserts are a great solution for improving the comfort and efficiency of her historic home. She even participated in a comprehensive, independent study by Portland State University that showed her Indow inserts saved almost 20% of heating expenses in four Portland homes.