Blocking Drafts in a Mid Century Home

Michael Hofler’s journey to become the new creative director at Indow started with his desire to insulate his single-pane windows.

indow window insulating case study

It’s an A. Quincy Jones structure, built in 1960, a beautiful example of mid-century modern architecture in East Portland. Michael and his wife, Karen, love their home. Its clean lines. Its flow, with every square inch designed to maximize living. Its efficiency: large eaves that shield the hot summer sun from casting too much light on the floor but in the winter allow it to travel far enough to brighten and warm the house.

But as with homes of that era, it has single-pane glass, making it chilly and drafty in the winter and allowing radiant heat buildup in the summer. Replacing the windows would have cost more than $23,000 and marred the structure’s architectural integrity.

indow window insulation case study

That’s when Michael found Indow window inserts. He realized they were just the thing to make his house even better by blocking drafts and keeping the original windows intact.



“Indow inserts have increased the comfort of our home for the whole family and helped our house become more efficient without altering its character, that’s really important.

– Michael Hofler, Home Owner, Portland Oregon


While checking out the Indow website, he saw the company needed a creative director. As a brand design director, he had been looking for a company small enough that he could help build its brand.

When he met founder and CEO Sam Pardue and the rest of the Indow inserts team, he knew he could help.

“As soon as I met Sam I knew it would be a good fit,” he said. “The fact that he allowed his staff to post playful out-take videos on the site showed that he and the company didn’t take themselves too seriously. To me it was a sign the company had the sort of culture I’d been looking for.”

In discovering Indow, Michael found a solution for his home and a career path with a cleantech start-up that supports his desire to help the planet, rather than harm it. He’s excited about what he has planned for the Indow brand and is looking forward to the years ahead.

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