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Introducing New Shade Grade Indow Windows

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Introducing New Shade Grade Indow Windows

Indow Shade Grade inserts are the window tint alternativeWant to block solar heat with a window tint alternative? We’ve got you covered when it’s cold and drafty and now we have your back when it’s hot, hot, hot. This week we launched Indow window inserts in Shade Grade. They’re like sunglasses for your home, shielding searing summer sun through your windows to keep you cooler and more comfortable.

By reducing solar heat gain, Shade Grade acrylic window inserts make a home more energy efficient and reduce air conditioning bills. And like all Indow window inserts, they instantly hush a room by dampening outside noise coming through single-pane windows by up to 50 percent (take that, early morning garbage truck!)

Solar radiation through a home’s windows can dramatically spike temperatures. Shade Grade inserts with their soft green tint still let in plenty of light while reducing solar heat transmitted through windows by almost half. Enjoy bright summer light without sweltering heat.

This latest innovation was something we had been wanting to put out there for a while. Our Standard Grade insert is typically used by homeowners looking to create super comfortable living spaces by blocking cold winter drafts although they actually do a stellar job of blocking hot air too. What they don’t do is stop the heat of the sun from entering the interior space. And that’s where Shade Grade excels. 

“To solve the air conditioning energy consumption problem, we needed an Indow Window that could block the sun’s heat from entering the room,” said CEO Sam Pardue who invented Indow Windows to insulate his lovely 1906 Craftsman home that’s just a short bike ride from our warehouse and offices on North Interstate Avenue in Portland. 

Indow Windows are acrylic inserts that simply press into the interior of a window frame using our patented silicone Compression Tube. Do they require destructive mounting hardware? No. Are they a perfect choice for beautiful, historic windows? Yes. 

Worldwide, buildings account for one-third of energy consumption. Making homes and businesses more energy efficient has a direct impact on carbon emissions. So while Shade Grade inserts provide comfort and energy savings, they help keep the planet cool too. (Which is one reason we launched on Earth Day!) 

Indow Windows come in six other grades that will make your life awesome: UV-blocking Museum Grade, light-diffusing Privacy Grade, light-blocking Blackout Grade, scratch-resistant Commercial Grade, super sound-dampening Acoustic Grade and of course our comfort-inducing Standard Grade.

Shade Grade is ideal for homeowners of the South and Southeastern United States. But frankly with climate change causing such erratic weather including some searing hot summer weather in parts not used to searing hot summer weather, a set of Shade Grade panels would be useful for others too. Like every Indow Window, they simply press in and can be easily popped out. Why not a set of Standard Grade for winter and Shade Grade for summer?!

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  1. JoAnnOlson May 25, 2014 at 9:37 pm - Reply

    Could your product be used to block sound traveling through walls in a 1949 Caifornia rancher?

  2. Kristina May 30, 2014 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    Hi JoAnn,
    That’s a great question. Indow Windows would certainly help with the noise reduction coming through the windows! The walls may be a bit trickier though.. I will email you to find out a bit more information about your situation and assist in finding a solution.

  3. James Freeman June 12, 2014 at 10:43 pm - Reply

    I like your product, but I have to have assurance from you that the blackout window shade will absolutely block out all light from inside the home so that no one would know if we are at home at night if we had the inside lights on, and my wife Patty wants to know about the free sleeves that you are offering with the sale, what are they used for?

    • Kristina June 18, 2014 at 12:01 am - Reply

      Hi James – glad you got in touch with us! The blackout inserts definitely block out all of the light. They are custom made to each opening so no sliver of light can pass through. Check out this video if you would like to learn more:
      The storage sleeves are an easy way to keep your custom Indow Windows safe when not in use. We sometimes have promotions on a limited time basis to offer them for free. You will have to check with your sales rep to make sure this offer is still available.
      Please email me at [email protected] to learn more and get connected with a representative in your area. Thank you!

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