So many window inserts to pick from!

Wondering what to do about your drafty windows?  Many of our clients look at various window insulation options before choosing Indow Window inserts. Our latest video testimonial shows a Portland resident who looked at window inserts made with ‘saran wrap’, exterior storm window inserts, and also full window replacements.

Only one window insert rose above the rest

Ultimately the best window insert for the price, aesthetic value, and energy savings he was looking for was Indow Windows. He was able to preserve the historic glass in the family home that had been passed down through generations, and keep the comfort for a new generation – a baby in the house that needed extra warmth and quiet in the house.

Check out what Kester had to say about how he chose Indow Windows and the process of getting them installed:

Need more proof?

Portland State University’s Green Building Research Lab recently released their report on testing Indow Windows, our custom made window inserts. The pilot study ran over one year and studied before and after energy use in four homes.  On average each homeowner saved just under 20% on their energy bills!

There you have it – customer testimonials and scientific testing. What’s keeping you from bringing comfort and energy efficiency into your home?