The Best Window Blackout Solution is Not a Curtain

Indow inserts completely blackout windows. When you use blackout curtains or blackout window blinds or a blanket (we’ve heard it all), slivers of light sear their way through. We created this window blackout solution to block 100% of light from windows. So, no matter whether you’re trying to sleep after your night shift, lay your newborn down for a nap, or block all light during a migraine, you’ll be comfortable.

Man installing Indow Sleep Panel in bedroom: It allows you to blackout your windows without curtains

How We Developed Our Window Blackout Solution

Our new blackout inserts bring total darkness to a room (as well as draft proofing windows) when you need it most. We created a way to blackout windows without curtains or blackout window blinds because we know they don’t work. Ours work because they are:

  • Made from medium density fiberboard, which doesn’t let light through
  • Lined in compression tubing, so are flush against your window
  • Custom made to fit the shape of your window exactly
  • Developed to block 50% of outside noise

Like all Indow inserts, no destructive hardware is required to mount our blackout window inserts. They’re edged with our patented Compression Tube and measured with a unique laser system so they fit perfectly even in older, out-of-square windows. The lightweight, simple inserts press into place and can be easily removed to let in light and fresh air.

Developed for Perfect Sleep, Anytime of Day

Maybe it’s the streetlights. Or the neighbor’s barking dog. Whatever is keeping awake, our window blackout solution will make a room pitch black and dramatically reduces noise.


Well-lit bedroom with three large windows without curtains


Dark bedroom with three large windows blacked out with window inserts and no curtains.

Our new window blackout inserts or “Sleep Panels” improve the lives of anyone who suffers from poor sleep and chronic health problems. Getting enough sleep is a big deal. It can affect your health, your mood, and your livelihood.

When it comes to making a room dark and whisper quiet, it’s not about finding better blackout curtains or blackout window blinds. Night-shift workers, such as nurses, police and firefighters will appreciate returning home in the morning to a bedroom that is utterly dark and quiet. No matter what’s outside, they can get deep, undisturbed rest they need to be alert – and to stay healthy.

Our Sleep Panels were developed to provide substantial soundproofing for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. We have an Acoustic Grade insert that blocks up to 70% of outside noise. If you want to combine superior soundproofing with your current blackout window solution explore our Acoustic Grade insert.

Comparing Blackout Solutions for Your Windows

Blinds Curtains Window Inserts
100% Darkness No No Yes
Sound Reduction No No (Unless Sound Absorbing Curtains) Yes
No Drilling or Nails Required No No Yes

Blackout Windows for Better Health

Roughly a third of the U.S. population suffers from some form of insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation. And sleep deprivation is pervasive, said Sharon Keenan, according to the director of The School of Sleep Medicine, Inc Sharon Keenan.

Kids suffer from fast-paced schedules that start early and end late. Society is built on an extended day with factories and technology that runs all night (thanks Edison!). And while people have adapted, “we have paid a price,” said Keenan, who spoke to Indow about sleep deprivation.

When people think of becoming healthier, they think diet and exercise. But sleep is just as important. A stable sleeping schedule is key to avoiding sleep deprivation but it’s also vital to have a quiet, dark environment conducive to sleeping. Our new blackout window inserts instantly create that quiet, dark environment.

window blackout panels for sleep and complete darkness - kitty resting on a pillow

Your Baby Rests Easy with Blackout Curtains

Parents of newborns know sleep loss like no one else. Getting your baby to sleep during the day is the only way anyone is going to get some sleep. Infants find the dark extremely comforting. Having complete darkness with no distracting light coming through will help get baby down for a nap and parents some precious sleep as well.

Our Sleep Panels were designed to block up to 50% of noise coming through windows so your baby won’t be disturbed from their peaceful sleep. If you want more noise reduction, our Acoustic Grade inserts block up to 70% of outside noise.

Below check out our interview with Becca Campbell of Little Z Sleep. Becca discusses child sleep patterns, the beneficial impacts of having a dark room for naps, and her experience using Indow Sleep Panels for her two daughters.

100% Blackout Window Solution for Light Sensitivity

No blackout curtains or shades block 100 percent of light: Indow Sleep Panels do.

Anyone with photophobia, or light sensitivity, knows the pain of tendrils of light coming around the edges of blackout curtains, blinds, or blankets (anything that you can throw over windows to block out light). When you need complete darkness, just one beam of sunlight can send shooting pain through your body.

Our new blackout window inserts were developed to fit snugly into your window frame so zero light gets through. You can experience absolute darkness, while getting 50% noise reduction.

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