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The Best Window Blackout Solution is Not a Curtain

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The Best Window Blackout Solution is Not a Curtain

installing indow window blackout panels

Tired of not sleeping? Maybe it’s the street lights. Or the early morning crows. Or the neighbor’s barking dog. Whatever it is, Indow has introduced the best window blackout solution : our new blackout window inserts make a room pitch black and dramatically reduce noise.


Window blackout inserts or Sleep Panels have the potential to improve the lives of millions of Americans who suffer from poor sleep and chronic health problems the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows bad sleep can lead to.  Getting enough sleep is a big deal (more on that in a minute). And they have all the energy-efficient properties of the original award-winning Indow windows acrylic glazing inserts. So people can achieve a good night’s sleep while improving their home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Ever tried to tack a blanket over your blinds to make your room super dark?  Or a sheet? Or paper? Or fruitlessly searched for better blackout curtains? We’ve heard it all.

We’ve proven that when it comes to making a room dark and whisper quiet, it’s not about finding better blackout curtains. Night-shift workers such as nurses and sleep technicians, police and firefighters will appreciate returning home in the morning to a bedroom that is utterly dark and quiet. As the rest of the world wakes up, they can get that deep, undisturbed rest they need to be alert – and to stay healthy.

These new inserts are also a boon to the parents of newborns! Street lights streaming in around curtains and traffic noise penetrating the windows can make it difficult for parents to sleep after staying up all night with a tired, cranky baby and that makes for tired and cranky parents (we know from experience!).


Your search for blackout curtains ends here

No blackout curtains or shades block 100 percent of light: Indow Sleep Panels do. Like all Indow inserts, no destructive hardware is required to mount them. They’re edged with our patented Compression Tube and measured with a unique laser system so they fit perfectly even in older, out-of-square windows. The lightweight, simple inserts press into place and can be easily removed to let in light and fresh air.


indow window blackout panels for windows in bedroom


indow window blackout panels for windows

How to block light from windows without curtains and get sleep

Our latest invention is pitch black but this much is clear: our nation doesn’t get its sleep. Roughly a third of the U.S. population suffers from some form of insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation. And sleep deprivation is pervasive, said Sharon Keenan, director of The School of Sleep Medicine, Inc. in Palo Alto, a member of the Stanford University Center of Excellence for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders.

Kids suffer big time with fast-paced schedules that start early and end late. Society is built on an extended day with factories and technology that runs all night (thanks Edison!). And while people have adapted, “we have paid a price,” said Keenan, who spoke to Indow about sleep deprivation.

When people think of becoming healthier, they think diet and exercise. But sleep is just as important. Studies find that people need much more sleep than they’re already getting – at least 7-9 hours for adults.

A stable sleeping schedule is key to avoiding sleep deprivation but it’s also vital to have a quiet, dark environment conducive to sleeping. Indow’s new blackout window inserts instantly create that quiet, dark environment.

New parents and night shift workers aren’t the only ones who will benefit. They’re also perfect for paleo lifestyle followers audio and videophiles who need absolute darkness and soundproofing.



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