With many people working from home over the last year, it has become increasingly evident which projects need to be done around the house. Many homeowners are continuously looking for budget-friendly DIY renovations to give their homes a facelift with additional value and a fresh look. Giving your home this fresh new look requires little effort and creativity.

Not only are DIY projects gratifying, but they are the perfect distraction for anxiety. These simple and modern ideas will help you get started revamping your space without spending a fortune.

Deep Clean Stained Floors

Regular exposure to dirt, dust, and high foot traffic mostly leads to floors looking dull and distressed. Different treatments will have a different impact on the final appearance of your floor. Make sure to use the best but most effective approach. 

Elbow grease is most effective in removing marks, and stubborn stains on most floor surfaces may be in the kitchen or bathroom. Spray it on stained areas and gently scrub it using a bristle brush. 

For wooden floors, you can use the right cleaners that restore their shine. Put a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and fill it up with water. This treatment will act as an excellent cleaning agent as well as a disinfectant.

Front Door Makeover

Speaking of your front door, it accumulates handprints and smudges quickly, particularly around the handles and locks. Your front door is mostly the first interaction point your guests have with your home. Make it feel more inviting and welcoming.

Rather than buying a new door, a fresh coat of bright, eye-catching paint and new locks is an easy upgrade. Also, you can clear the long scrub on your home’s exterior using a garden hose, cleaner, and a long scrub brush. Taking your time to clean it will brighten your home without costing much.

bright front door of a house, open to show inside hallway

Declutter and Rearrange

It is never in vain to let your home have a thorough decluttering and reorganization process. Each room is a job in itself. A well-organized home means everything is in its place and nothing goes unused. Professionals specializing in junk removal in Freehold will help you clear out the clutter by getting rid of unwanted items in all your storage spaces and extra spaces, from your bedroom closet to the bathroom, kitchen, playroom, and basement.

You can also sell or donate items that you do not use very often. Once you’ve decluttered the room, you can now rearrange the furniture in a different pattern or swap accent pieces between rooms.

Attend to Your Windows

Give your windows that custom look without much effort or cost using soundproof window treatments. You can decide whether to put up indoor or outdoor shutters to give that classic and polished look to your space. The choice is dependent on you. 

Window blinds are also a great option since they are pretty, and they give that extra privacy that curtains can’t. They are also built to block light, and they can naturally cool down your home during the hot summer months. 

Beautiful Light Fixtures

When it comes to home improvement, many focus on furniture or walls. However, one of the best methods to instantly improve your home’s look is updating or improving your light fixtures, whether indoors or outdoors. You’ll make your home more inviting, especially for your visitors, when you brighten up your home. You can start small by focusing on a single room. 

First, remove the glass covers on the ceiling lights and clean them up using soap and water. If you can’t remove them, wipe them with a damp rag. Also, use a microfiber cloth to remove dust and cobwebs from fixtures and ceiling fans. 

Additionally, look for energy-saving but efficient lighting fixtures that will save you money on your future utility bills. Brighten up your living spaces with a pair of unique wall sconces or a small chandelier. For that extra touch, you can also put up some inexpensive outdoor lights to line up your garden or driveway. Outdoor lighting adds beauty and safety and allows you to enjoy time outside past the sunset hours.

dinning room with efficient lighting fixture

Add a New Backsplash

Do you want a quick way to transform your kitchen? A backsplash is an extension to the counter behind the sinks or stove. It can extend a few inches high and can go as high as the ceiling. It prevents the wall behind the sink from water damage or smoke residue. After all, no one wants a stained wall. 

It not only gives an instantly updated look but makes those surfaces easy to clean. Backsplashes are easy to install, and they come in different patterns, colors, and textures. The various designs range from marble looks, stone, solid, or natural wood-look.

Spice Up your Stairs

Stairs are often overlooked in home improvement. There are numerous methods to improve your staircase for the better and to express your style. You can add up wallpapers, add a fresh coat of paint, or colored accents exteriors to the exposed wood on the stairs. If the stairs are carpeted, you can uncover the wood or change the carpet. 

stairs with carpet and framed pictures lining stairway

Clean Up Your Carpets

When did you last have a thorough carpet cleanup? Do some weekly vacuuming to remove topical dirt, dust, and hair. Hiring a carpet cleaning service will do the extra work of removing stains, germs, and mites. A good and clean carpet lasts longer and wears better. Good carpet cleaning also fights the growth of molds, especially if it’s high humidity areas. 

Numerous easy and cheap DIY home remodeling projects can help you spruce up your home to the next level. Take a look at your home and identify the areas that need the most attention. Use the resources that fit your budget without breaking the bank.


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