The war in Ukraine, and the resulting refugee crisis, have been weighing on our hearts and minds over the past few weeks. We are reminded of the many conflicts and climate events taking place around the world, all of which are displacing people and forcing them to seek safety and stability far from home.

The crisis in Ukraine hits especially close to home since so many fellow Portlanders trace their roots there. Oregon ranks 3rd in the US for percentage of the population that speaks Ukrainian at home. When our fellow community members suffer, we all do.

We are proud to have founded the We Hire Refugees initiative in collaboration with the Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) based in Portland, Oregon. We Hire Refugees was created to provide businesses with resources to effectively engage, hire, and retain refugees. Indow has long been active in the Portland area with refugee issues. We support the decision to rehome climate and conflict refugees in the US, and organizations that support refugees.

IRCO works with many different refugee communities in the Portland metro. We encourage individuals, and especially businesses, to donate to the Slavic and Eastern European Center at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). The Slavic and Eastern European Center at IRCO also provides wish lists for non-cash donations.

While the war and refugee crisis in Ukraine is especially poignant for many Portlanders, many more conflicts around the globe are creating refugees every day. We encourage businesses to learn more about refugee crises around the globe and how their immediate communities are responding to look for ways in which they can contribute. 

– Indow