The 6th crisis

Dear neighbors,

Indow is headquartered in Portland, OR, near some of the worst of the wildfires. I wanted to take a moment to provide updates on our status and speak to those in our community.

This past year has been exceptionally tough for so many people. We began with ongoing global climate and governance crises. These twin conflagrations no doubt accelerated COVID-19’s rampage. Millions have lost their jobs and businesses, and the ensuing economic calamity threatens to resolve into deflation or runaway inflation. Killings by those sworn to protect us sparked a crisis of racial and social justice. 

Now the sixth crisis, smoke choking our air from burned up homes, farms, and forests. Business districts reduced to their ashen bones. No matter where anybody lines up on the political fissures, we are all breathing the same foul-smelling, toxic air. No one questions wearing a mask now, here on the West Coast. 

I told my team the last time we all met (some in our Portland factory, others remote) that I was very grateful Indow was continuing to grow through all of these overlapping challenges. The team did such a good job creating safe on-site working conditions, we shared our system via the Clean Practice site. Clean Practice uses Lean manufacturing techniques to identify and reduce or eliminate COVID-19 transmission vectors. The key to success? Everyone working together, as a team.

factory workers smiling: text on image "In all the hard times, we are here to remind you there is still light."

Image taken pre-COVID and before our Clean Practices were enacted.

I am thankful through all this, the Indow factory has remained safe and open to staff who are affected by the fires and hazardous conditions it is causing. I feel our mission of protecting the natural and built environments while helping our customers enjoy comfort and savings, has never been more needed.

We at Indow are doing what we can to respond to the challenges we all face both large and small. Our inserts save enormous amounts of energy, reducing carbon emissions. Home workers are unmuting their microphones after installing our Acoustic grade window inserts. And if your home is filled with smoke, we can help you keep it out. 

Please engage with us so we can find more ways to help each other through this difficult time.

Thank you,

Sam Pardue

CEO and Founder of Indow