Please Vote for the Portland Clean Energy Initiative

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Update on 11/9/18 after Election Day: 

The people of Portland have voted by a 2 to 1 margin to put in place a highly innovative program to fund efficiency, renewable energy, and resiliency projects in our community. Through the Portland Clean Energy Initiative, we will make significant reductions in our collective carbon footprint while preparing for the disruptions climate change will bring to our doorsteps. Indow looks forward to partnering with non-profits to create projects that will bring comfort, energy efficiency, and quiet to community members who would otherwise not be able to access such important benefits.

We each need to do our part to fight climate change. Important as our individual efforts are, we gain power when joined together. With federal action paralyzed, community action is the biggest opportunity to bring down carbon emissions while making Portland more resilient. If we demonstrate truly inspired leadership, we can create clean energy jobs and lift up marginalized people. Portland has an opportunity to do all these things, which is why I support the Portland Clean Energy Initiative on this year’s ballot.


The Portland Clean Energy Initiative would collect a 1% surcharge on revenue for retail corporations that make over $1 billion in annual national sales and $500,000 in annual Portland sales. Groceries, medicine, and medical services would be exempt. The money would be used for renewable energy, energy efficiency, “green” job training, and energy efficient housing for Portland’s most vulnerable populations. The fund is modeled upon the successful Portland Children’s Levy.


As a cleantech entrepreneur, I’m inspired by the idea of collaborating with non-profit organizations to create clean energy jobs in neighborhoods that need them. As a citizen, I’m eager to help vulnerable communities. I believe the highly innovative surcharge will have minimal negative impacts far outweighed by the good.


A compelling part of this effort is the grant-based allocation of funds to nonprofits to deliver renewable energy and energy efficiency to neighborhoods that would not ordinarily get them. I’m envisioning collective, low-cost purchases of solar panels, with installations performed by local residents. I’m excited by the idea of Indow partnering with a non-profit to train people to laser measure and install Indow window inserts that we’ll sell at a low cost, spreading the benefits of energy efficiency, comfort, and quiet to those who need these wonderful benefits.


Like any venture, success will depend on execution. We will need rigorous, professional, financial oversight. We as citizens and business managers will need to participate and you have my commitment that, if the Clean Energy Initiative passes, I will.


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Sam Pardue, Indow CEO

Sam Pardue supports clean energy fund