SuperGreen Solutions sells IndowSuperGreen Solutions doesn’t just do insulation. Or just solar. Or just energy efficient window solutions. They do just about anything to make a dwelling more energy efficient. The  company looks closely at how people live in their homes to understand where energy efficient needs are greatest and what would give the best return on investment. We love working with them as Indow authorized dealers because they truly care about their customers’ long-term happiness as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment.

“We’re focused on planet, people and then profit,” said Wilburn Taylor IV, technical operations manager at SuperGreen.  “If you help the planet, you help the people and your profit comes from there.”

When SuperGreen goes to a home, the company takes a holistic approach, asking, “Where is the most energy being used?”

SuperGreen looks at energy bills, uses return-on-investment calculators as well as tools developed in-house. Maybe the problem is an old hot water tank or a ton of incandescent lights. Maybe the attic isn’t insulated or the windows are just single pane.

“We’re not trying to push a product, we’re trying to push a solution,” said Wilburn. “It’s about finding the right solution.”

Once they find it, they stay in close contact, helping customers get rebates, tax credits and proper maintenance plans.

As SuperGreen Solutions opens up locations around the world, it’s hearing from people across the globe who want to tread more lightly on the planet while saving money at the same time.

“It’s about helping the environment and making sure we have a thriving Earth for our children and their children’s children,” said Wilburn. “It’s cliched to say, ‘We want to make the world a better place’ but at the end of the day, that’s really what we want to do.”