Happy holidays everyone! Who doesn’t love beautifully crafted old windows? And who doesn’t love to cut out snowflakes? Especially super pretty ones. So to bring those two things together, our creative director Michael made five paper snowflake designs for you to gussy up your windows for the holidays. You can download the templates below.

You and the kids will enjoy our paper snowflake designs

Russ’s daughter Ember making snowflakes for her old windows!

Is there a property with amazing old windows near you? Make some for those windows too! There is not a window in this country that won’t look more fun and festive with these snowflakes on the glass! One of them looks like a heart (see Ember in the picture at the left) and was designed by local Portland snowflake artist Pippa Arend  who also works at P:ear, an incredible organization that mentors homeless youth.

We love what Pippa has to say about her art, “I am a flake. We all are. We have small, repeating patterns in our lives, things that when highlighted are funny, endearing, pathologic, and revealing.”

How very true.

We also love this holiday decoration because most people already own what it takes to make it: paper and scissors. And it’s easy to recycle and reuse.

Please send us photos of your windows and house decorated in snowflakes! (Send to [email protected]) We would love to post them.

Below are a set of the snowflake templates in color and black and white:



Enjoy this type of content? At Indow, preserving historic windows is very important to us. When not making snowflakes, we’re helping architects across the country make original windows energy efficient with our inserts – read about it here.