Michelle Tam and her husband, Henry Fong sleep well with blackout panels by Indow

Michelle Tam and her husband, Henry Fong

Many paleos are searching for a paleo sleep solution to let them sleep in total darkness, much like a cave. That’s where Indow blackout Sleep Panels comes in! They block 100% of the light and 50% of the noise, letting you sleep as our ancestors did.

That made it super fun for us with Michelle Tam, author of Nom Nom Paleo, came for a visit. It’s clear Portland has a deep paleo groove. Departure Restaurant was packed with her fans. She signed copies of her new cookbook, Food for Humans, and then 90 people gathered to eat a meal from the book prepared by Chef Gregory Gourdet.

Paleo dieters try as best they can to eat like our cave forebears did: no grains and plenty of meats and vegetables. Basically, a healthy diet with no processed foods.

nom nom loves our paleo sleep solution: Sleep panels

Michelle Tam eats paleo, but she also happens to be a night-shift employee who needs to sleep during the day when the rest of the world is awake.

Indow Sleep Panels have made a huge difference in her life – and that makes us happy! We were thrilled when she signed our Food for Humans cookbook last Thursday with “Indow Windows changed my life. Seriously.”

Nom Nom dish

Even her husband Henry had good things to say with his inscription, “Thank you for making my wife happy!!”

Their son Owen signed the book with “Lettuce beef friends” (Let us be friends – but paleo!).

We can help night-shift workers and others struggling to get that deep rest they need in a nation that’s chronically sleep deprived. Indow Windows = comfort in the form of a quiet dark, sleeping space.

Smiling Restaurant goers holding up Nom Nom Paleo Socks at event with Nom Nom Paleo author

Everyone got Nom Nom Paleo socks!

Michelle’s family all sat down with the Portland paleo crowd to eat a delicious meal that included “Kale & Persimmon, Duck Pastrami, Ginger, Citrus” and “Cauliflower Rice, Vegetable & Herb Sushi”.

One of the best dishes was  slow-cooked Carman Ranch grass-fed beef from the Wallowa mountains of eastern Oregon, “Thai Spices, Garlic Mashed Taro and Chili Condiment.”

Good healthy food. Good sleep. Doesn’t that sound like a recipe for a happier life?