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/Indow Window Inserts Company Updates/

Midcentury Modern Windows

The more windows, the more light, the more connection with the outside world. No one understood this better than the California developer Joseph Eichler whose style was typified by floor-to-ceiling midcentury modern windows to “bring the outside in.”  Being in [...]

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Block Light For Good Sleep

Key to sleeping better is keeping light out of the bedroom whether it’s computers, TVs, smartphones or bright clocks. In Michele Ritan’s case in Decatur, Georgia it wasn’t anything she could easily control.She lives in a vibrant, light industrial/commercial district. [...]

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Portland loves paleo

Michelle Tam and her husband, Henry Fong Many paleos are searching for a paleo sleep solution to let them sleep in total darkness, much like a cave. That’s where Indow blackout Sleep Panels comes in! They block 100% of the light and [...]

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