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Sleep on the summer solstice?

Sleep During Long Summer Days The summer solstice is the longest day of the year when that glorious sun shines on and on. After dinner, you can play capture the flag, ride your bike, walk or talk on the porch [...]

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A Company Supporting Earth Day

Indow wants to be known as a company supporting Earth Day. We’re big on protecting the Earth, which is the prime reason Indow Windows came to be! We operate our business conscious of the various ways we can decrease our carbon [...]

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Indow is a Company that Employs Artists

Credit: Mark Stein Photography An artist with vision helped save a fledgling Indow. Kelly Rauer is the company’s program manager. She is also a visual artist who uses multi-channel video installations of her body as the main subject [...]

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Today is World Sleep Day

Celebrate World Sleep Day by doing these ten tips for improving sleep.  Sleep is in the air. The World Association of Sleep Medicine has designated today World Sleep Day to try and draw attention to sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that [...]

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