Your home should be a place of refuge where you can disconnect from the natural hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unfortunately, in some instances, extra noise and disturbances can turn your comforting space into an annoyance. If you’ve found that your home seems just a little too loud, there are many noise pollution solutions to combat noise pollution.

cartoon man covering his ears because of noise pollution

Interior Noise Pollution Solutions

Do you find that the noisy disturbances are coming from within your home? There are plenty of causes for interior noise, and luckily, there are even more ways to reduce noise pollution inside your home.

Let’s begin in the kitchen, the gathering place of the home. While this space may become noisy when you have guests, it shouldn’t disrupt your daily life. Old and outdated appliances can become a significant contributor to extra sounds in your living space. New appliances that run more efficiently will also run more quietly.

Does your flooring echo every footstep and item you drop throughout your house? Replacing your kitchen flooring and adding insulation or underlayment’s can counteract this problem. While hardwood and tile floors can increase noise heard, you don’t have to install carpet wall-to-wall.

kitchen with interior noise pollution solutions

Solid surfaces such as area rugs can absorb some sound, making those footsteps less of a disturbance. Don’t worry, flooring and area rugs aren’t limited to just the kitchen. You can incorporate these noise pollution solutions in any room you see fit.

Before you jump in and tackle these kitchen improvement projects, you should consider how the total remodeling cost breaks down, and then determine which ways to prevent noise pollution are within your budget. From there, prioritize your spending based on the projects that will reduce noise and meet other requirements you have in mind. That way, you can incorporate some EnergyStar-certified appliances and new flooring for a quiet and peaceful kitchen.

If it’s not your kitchen that’s giving you a headache, but instead your living room or even your bedroom, you can combat noise with curtains, paint, and decorative elements. Sound-absorbing paint exists and is a perfect way to decrease background noise, as well as spruce up your living space with some color. Decorative items such as bookshelves filled with books and accent pieces will also soften internal noise.

traffic outside a window with window insert installed as noise pollution solution

Exterior Noise Pollution Solutions

It’s no secret that the world around us is busy and loud. And the dangers of noise pollution are many. To prevent exterior noise from creeping into your home, consider performing home improvement projects.

Treating your windows is one of the best solutions to nix the disturbance of exterior sounds. Old, or improper installation, can leave your windows unsealed, therefore letting in not only noise, but cold air, and even bugs! To ensure your home is as peaceful as possible, try installing soundproof window inserts, which can increase the energy efficiency of your home and act as a barrier to the outside elements. Whether your windows are on the newer side of the spectrum, or older,  window inserts are a quick and easy solution.

woman installing Indow window insert as exterior noise pollution solution

Having quality insulation in your home can provide you with many benefits aside from just slowing the rate of heat transfer from in and out of your home. Fiberglass insulation is also one of the many ways to prevent noise pollution. Especially if your house is older, replacing your insulation is an excellent idea as it can function as a noise barrier, as well as increase your comfort levels in your home.

Whether you live in the heart of a city, or on a busy road, you’re probably fighting with sounds of traffic and pedestrians. If treating your windows or insulation are not viable options in regards to budget, that’s okay! Weather stripping can be a perfect solution to noise reduction, as well as improve your indoor airflow and keep pests out. Considering the additional benefits that weather stripping can provide, this task seems like a no-brainer. Check all the doors in your home, and if you see any light, and hear noise, weather strip the area.

The prevention of noise pollution is good for your health and your mood, so soundproofing your home is an essential task to ensure a healthy and happy life in your home. No matter if you decide to tackle minor or major projects, these home improvements will ensure that your home is comfy, cozy, and quiet for you to enjoy.