Kick-starting an Insulation Project

“For two years we were shivering in the office and dealing with noise from the train tracks and traffic,” said Sam Pardue, CEO of Indow Windows. Like many business owners, he had a lack of insulation in his historic building. 

It was uncomfortable for everyone in the office!

Indow Windows took action to get insulation, and applied for a green features grant from the Portland Development Commission (PDC) to do an environmental retrofit of the factory. The retrofit included insulating the windows with Indows throughout the building and R-38 ceiling insulation in the factory.

Green Features Grant team contacted EcoTech, who came over and discovered that existing insulation in the manufacturing area was not in contact with the ceiling. The owner of EcoTech, Marshall Runkle, had seen it many times. “There are a ton of commercial buildings out there where the insulation is inadequate or non-existent.” They worked to find the best product that was designed for the building materials the factory was constructed out of, and worked with a staff at the PDC to match the product with the budget.

Finding Solutions to Energy Problems

Indow Windows also had to find solutions to work with the existing building structure. “All of the frames in the building had issues and required modifications, and we had to find a cost-effective way to face mount the inserts,” said Pardue.  The Indow Windows team was able to make minor modifications while sustaining the function and aesthetics of the windows.

The installation process presented many challenges, the biggest of which was planning how not to disturb the manufacturing process. Indow Windows has a national distribution, and wanted no increased wait times to clients due to disruptions in the production line. Ecotech was able to schedule installation over nights and weekends.

Finally, success!

After the insulation in the ceiling and the installation of Indow Windows, the gas furnaces are running much less frequently in the office. “We are looking forward to seeing the energy savings,” said Pardue. “The noise from the train, which runs right outside the factory, is barely noticeable.”

“It’s little things like this that make Portland have a great reputation for doing a great thing,” Runkle stated. “Government working with a local business to put another local business together in order to make an existing building energy efficient.”