We are excited to announce that we’re moving to a new facility. We have outgrown our current space and need to upgrade to fit our new production set up and all our amazing team members. But we wouldn’t be able to make this move without the support of our loyal customers. Thank you.

Our move will take place in August. We’re only moving across town, but we have a lot of large and intricate machinery that goes into the making of our custom-built window inserts. Because of this, we’ll need to shut down production for about 2 days.

Indow production team member driving a forklift in a nearly empty Indow factory warehouse.

We know this comes on the heels of our current supply chain delays and it can feel like things are piling up. This move will give us the opportunity to: 1. keep up with demand; 2. store more of our needed supplies so we are less susceptible to supply chain issues; 3. set up our production floor to be even more efficient. We have learned a lot over the last 10 years and though we’ve been able to incorporate a lot of this knowledge into our current space, a new, larger space will let us build from the ground up.

Once we are in our new space and set up, our current lead times should come down. If you are planning ahead for your winter weatherization needs, we still suggest contacting us now so you can get your order into our production queue now.

Close up of Indow window inserts packaged and ready to be shipped.

We’re also hiring more production team members to keep up with this growing demand! Two of our recent new hires are our Production Manager Klinton Halliday (pictured below) and our Director of Operations Troy Cameron. Klinton brings years of experience in effective production management. Troy brings a blend of knowledge, skills, and leadership to our team, including overseeing very high volume and demanding production of components.

If you’re interested in working with these knowledgeable team members, helping to make a positive difference in our world, and working in a collaborative, cross-functional environment, you should definitely think of joining our team.

This move will also help us make room for new, (secret) developing projects. So, watch our Instagram and Facebook for updates and sign up for our email newsletter to find out more.

Two Indow production team members working on a custom Indow window insert.

The new space won’t just accommodate our growing production needs; our team has been growing as well. We have been incredibly fortunate through the COVID-19 pandemic and have not needed to layoff any staff. This is, again, due to the incredible support of our customers and the hard work of all our team members.

We can’t wait to get into our new space and turn it into our own efficient, sustainable, comfort-making hub. We’ll share photos of the new set up as soon as we get settled. A big thank you to all of you for taking this next step with us.