It’s been a year of COVID-19, and for many of us, that means a year of working from home. Our Fit Specialists (the folks you talk to when you call to talk about Indow window inserts) have made their DIY home offices comfortable for themselves…and for you.

A home office setup isn’t just for the one who is in itit’s for anyone who is going to see it. All our sales associates gave themselves a home office makeover so that those who video called in would feel at home. Looking through these photos, they really got the DIY home office right. We spend a lot of time in these spaces, so they need to feel good—immediately when you walk in, and stay functional throughout the day.

Now, let’s take that home office tour.

Home Office Tour Stop 1: Phil’s Bright Garden

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Phil really knows how to work from home: surrounded by plants and lots of natural light. He even has an extra window hanging on his wall. I would work next to Phil in this DIY home office if he let me. Just saying.

home office space filled with light

Home Office Tour Stop 2: Orlin’s Adventure Space

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Orlin brought the outdoor adventure into his DIY home office. I would love to be talking about creating an indoor oasis while staring at this outdoor oasis. Good job, Orlin!

adventure DIY home office

Home Office Tour Stop 3: Brandon’s Light Show

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Brian’s calming light feature slowly changes colors to reflect beautiful hues on his home office. In Portland winters, we need a little extra boost of light, so this is a great addition to a DIY home office. 

home office ideas: add interesting lighting
home office with calming lighting

Home Office Tour Stop 4: Brian’s Artsy Office

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Brian’s home office showcases our window model that we use to show how our window inserts work. All our Fit Specialists have them, so if you ever want to see how they work, give them a call.

diy home office with window model display

Home Office Tour Stop 5: Ryan’s Calm Oasis

Ryan’s DIY home office looks so inviting and calm. If you’re looking for home office ideas, adding a small break area to take a moment to relax is highly recommended. Just changing your point of view can change your perspective on a work issue or something bigger.

DIY home office with small break area

More Home Office Ideas

Thanks for joining us for this home office tour. If you’re looking for more home office ideas, like how to soundproof a home office connect with one of our Fit Specialists. Not only are we all window and sound experts, we’ve learned a lot by working at home ourselves this last year. We’re ready and excited to help.