As the new year starts, we like to reflect on 2019 to see how we measured up to our goals, expectations, and mission statement. This is your chance to hold us accountable, after all, our mission is about you and our planet. We want to give you a look forward at 2020 – it’s a big year for us. We have a new development we’ve been working on we’ll be announcing later this year.

woman in a factory working on a window insert

2019 Review of Indow Goals

We strengthened our core in 2019: expanded our team, improved efficiencies, bolstered collaborations. Now we want to look back and see how we’ve done. We have a triple bottom line which seeks to help the community, our employees, and the world. 


Carbon Reduction Commitment

Because of our customers, we were able to keep our carbon reduction commitment. Together, we reduced carbon usage by over 16 tons. That’s the same as if 2,159 homes weren’t using energy at all. 


Indow participated in a global campaign to plant 20 million trees. We created videos for #TeamTrees and donated a tree per order through December to help carbon reduction. You can watch the #TeamTrees videos here.

man holding a potted plant with text that reads "Indow joins the team trees challenge"

Sustainability in Business

Energy Efficient America visited Indow to talk about sustainability issues in business. Their video details all the upgrades Indow has made to our space to reduce our carbon footprint and energy bills. That money saved goes to support new ideas and our employees.

man smiling next to text that reads "Energy Efficient America Visits Indow Windows"

Indow: A Great Place to Work

What makes a company a great place to work? Employees who believe in the mission. Over half our employees participate in our commuter incentive program that rewards alternative transportation. Our annual May bike challenge, lowering our carbon usage and starting healthy summer habits. Our Instagram shares behind the scenes and employee interviews.

alternative transit incentives make Indow a great company to work

We Hire Refugees

Thanks to the support of our community, We Hire Refugees, which started as a business-led campaign, gained non-profit status this year. We believe that hiring refugees makes our communities stronger and our companies more competitive.

2019 review: We Hire Refugees became a non-profit

Indow: Looking Ahead to 2020

In the next year, we will continue our carbon reduction commitment. Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do. The more inserts we get into homes, the more energy saved and carbon reduced.

creating more accessible energy efficiency jobs

Affordable Energy Efficiency

We’re making energy efficiency more affordable by working with local programs like the Clean Energy Fund, bringing efficiency upgrades and home weatherization to more communities. We’re also launching a YouTube series to explain home energy efficiency basics. Subscribe now for DIY energy upgrades, savings, and a lower carbon footprint.

Jobs in Energy Efficiency

We are using our experience to create more jobs in the energy efficiency sector (not just at Indow, but throughout our community) to help sustainability issues in business. We practice diverse hiring by hiring refugees and hiring interns through Emerging Leaders – dedicated to improving racial and cultural diversity.

group of individuals outside a building: Indow believes in diverse hiring

History Belongs to Everyone

We are deepening our culture of collaboration by breaking down barriers. Historic preservation belongs to every community, and we will be capturing more perspectives in our third annual Window zine. Watch our social channels for the call for submissions.

contributors to the online zine library

Indow turns 10 this year, and we have a lot to do. We appreciate your support and your feedback. If you have any ideas that could help our goals, comments below. Collaboration is the only way forward.

Indow CEO Sam holding a window insert