As Indow celebrates our 10 year anniversary, we thought it would be a good time to look back at our 10 favorite accomplishments. We’ve done a lot over the last ten years, but these are the things that make us most proud and show what we truly stand for.

10 Biggest Accomplishments at Indow

factory worker working on an Indow window insert

1. We’ve sold 100,000 window inserts!

In ten years, Indow has made and sold over 100k window inserts. That means that our customers have kept 100k windows from ending up in landfill. These insulating window inserts have gone into nearly 20,000 homes, creating warmth and quiet.

man installing window insert into one of 20,000 homes treated by Indow inserts

2. Indow & our customers cut nearly 80,000 tons of C02.

When Indow was founded 10 years ago, it was with the intention of blocking as much climate-changing C02 emissions as possible. This mission remains close to our values today. Thanks to our customers using our inserts—instead of replacing their windows—to enhance performance, we’ve reduced nearly 80k tons of C02 so far!

We support climate initiatives every way we can: through our product, our work practices, and speaking out. Our CEO Sam Pardue spoke at a rally outside of the Oregon State Capitol in support of the Healthy Climate Bill (SB 1574). Here is Sam’s take on climate change policy in our current political climate. We even joined a viral campaign to plant 20 Million trees in 2019:

Indow CEO Sam Pardue with C02 reducing window insert

3. Grew our company and community significantly, expanding into Canada.

What started as a two-person operation out of a garage, now is 44 employees and growing. We have an amazing and knowledgeable management team full of preservationists, builders, technology enthusiasts, and, most importantly, people who live in spaces which need comfort. 

Many managers have been with the company from near the beginning and promoted based on high performance, embodying our growth mindset. Our growth has hinged on using Lean practices in manufacturing and Agile methodology in the office. This attention to strategy is what has helped us get to where we are today, but we still have more to do. 

Our CEO Sam Pardue wrote this of the current state of our nation and what we can do to help. One big item is looking inwards by forming a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. We can do more for our community by becoming better community members and supporting our staff the best way we can.

Join us. Watch us grow by watching our stories, our trials, and celebrations on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

OEN Oregon Entrepreneurship GIVE Awarded to Indow in 2020

4. Recognition from the Community.

Indow has been recognized over and over these last 10 years for our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and giving back to our community. Our highlights have been winning the National Sustainability Award, getting second place for the Grand Prize at the CleanTech Open, and just this year winning the OEN Oregon Entrepreneurship Award in the GIVE category. See all our awards and recognition.

OEN described the GIVE category winner as a startup who has “shown true leadership by finding ways to support their communities, not just their companies. They’ve supported each other, lifted each other up, prioritized the greater good, and taken concrete action to build a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

We Hire Refugees, one of the non-profits Indow started

5. Nonprofit organizations we’ve started.

A huge part of supporting our community is through the nonprofits we’ve developed over our decade of being in business. We Hire Refugees was founded in 2016 to combat negative narratives and politics toward refugees and immigrants in the US. Since its creation, the organization has helped secure 2 million dollars in state funding to keep resettlement agencies going in the face of huge cuts and partnered with a recruiting service to connect great companies with the available refugee workforce.

In 2020, a new community need arose—safe work practices to use during a pandemic. Clean Practice, and the templates for operating safely with great team morale, have now been downloaded over 500 times.

Indow laser measuring device accurately measuring windows for 10 years

6. Consistent accuracy in our measuring process.

It was a huge moment for us when we got our fuzzy logic Pythagorean theorem software to work for the first time. Since then, we have stayed 99% accurate in measurements for all window inserts. That’s why we laser measure windows, but our laser measurement process is just part of why our system works. We’ve been working with measuring tape, and our software has kept our accuracy rate. This is a great accomplishment because as we celebrate the Indow 10 year anniversary, we are also celebrating 10 years of accuracy!

Portland State University Green Building Research Lab analyzing Indow window inserts

7. Third party studies proving the efficacy of our products.

Portland State University’s Green Building Research Lab conducted a year-long test with our products. They found that Indow inserts saved an average of 20% in energy. This was higher than their predictions and all due to the personal comfort of those in the homes tested.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory performed a study for the US Department of Energy showing that our inserts provided a 21% reduction in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning energy use in a home. See all results of our third party testing.

Indow filming About Us video

8. Seeing the About Us video.

We think we have a pretty great company culture, so it’s nice when that’s confirmed and staring us back in the face—on film! We wrote the script in house and Fred Armisen was supposed to play the lead. Our CEO Sam Pardue stepped in at the last minute (we think he did a great job). Give it a watch and picture Fred in the leading role:

woman reading third edition of Window Zine

9. Window Zine, 3 years running!

We created a zine (short for magazine, a self-published collection of art, poems, articles, etc.) to tell the stories of preservation. We partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to promote and release the collection of stories created by our community. 

This year, our largest ever publication, was aided by two interns we partnered with through the Emerging Leaders Program. Emerging Leaders is “dedicated to improving racial and cultural diversity at the leadership level in Portland-area companies” and we couldn’t have taken on such a huge project without the community-building and artistic talents of these individuals. Please read Window Zine III and share with your community.

natural wood color tube Indow window insert in hand crafted wood window

10. Indow product evolutions.

Indow window inserts began as a simple, elegant solution to keeping drafts from entering through windows. As we’ve learned more about how our customers use our inserts, we’ve improved and expanded our product line while keeping the inserts simple and elegant. Our most recent addition is our Natural Wood color tubing to match wood frames. This comes straight from customer feedback from those who have historic, handmade wood windows.

We have a lot of new and exciting innovations on the horizon. We can’t reveal them yet, but they all align with our original mission and vision. Thank you for being a part of our journey so far and celebrating the Indow 10 year anniversary with us! We look forward to bringing you comfort, quiet, and savings for years to come.