Why Use Paper Snowflakes to Decorate Your Windows

Every year we like to celebrate windows and the holiday season with snowflakes in our windows! Holiday Christmas window decorations are a great tradition. Cut out paper decorations are particularly special and unique because you can easily do them with the whole family – paper and scissors are all that is required to create an award winning display. Once you tape or hang these paper snowflakes, they draw the eyes to the windows, an often overlooked feature of your home, and create a winter wonderland no matter where you are in the country or what weather you presently have.

father and child creating holiday christmas window decorations - paper cut snowflakes

Indow VP of Sales, Russ Eisenberg, cutting our snowflake templates with his daughter


There couldn’t be easier holiday Christmas window decorations than snowflakes. Most everyone already has everything they need to create them. Plus, if you mess up a cut, it just turns into more unique snowflake window decorations.


Templates for our holiday Christmas window decorations:

Snowflakes are easy enough for you to create on your own, but these templates are great ways to train yourself on how to create. Each sheet has folding instructions and cutout lines for you to create some truly award winning designs. We highly recommend using recycled paper for these holiday Christmas window decorations – print on the back of paper you no longer need, or have fun with tracing the design onto magazine pages for a unique look.

The following are all designs made by artists in Portland, OR. Including the first heart snowflake made by  Pippa Arend  who also works at P:ear, an incredible organization that mentors homeless youth.We love what Pippa has to say about her art, “I am a flake. We all are. We have small, repeating patterns in our lives, things that when highlighted are funny, endearing, pathologic, and revealing.” How very true.

Download these free templates to get to cutting some of your own (Click on the image to download), or continue reading for our hanging tips.

heart snowflake template for christmas window decor
diamond zig zag snowflake template for christmas window decor (harder)
pine Scandinavian snowflake template for Christmas window décor
diamond - easy - snowflake template for christmas window decor - kids
diamond 2 - easy snowflake template for christmas window decor - kids


indow window snowflake designs for download - instructions for cutting snowflakes
indow windows instructions to fold and cut snowflakes for window decorations
Special Notre Dame Window Decoration

In 2019, we were very touched by the outpouring of support from the preservation community when the tragedy of the Notre Dame fire occurred. So many felt as we did, that old buildings aren’t just structures, they are a part of our collective cultural DNA. Here’s what we said at the time:

People who have been to Notre Dame are in mourning. Those who have never stood in awe of the spire have felt its loss. Buildings are more than bricks and wood and glass. They hold our history and have our respect. Preservation is about more than resources, it’s about saving pieces of our culture and ourselves. We’re thinking of Paris and hoping whatever can be, is saved. 

The rose window in particular is iconic of Notre Dame, but also very symbolic and religious compared to some of the other designs in the church. It is said the circular design has no beginning and no end, so the viewer can contemplate the divine, transcendence, and the prayer that we are all one. To create your own version of this allows for really beautiful mornings where the sun can shine through and inspire your day.

notre dame snowflake template for holiday christmas window decoration

Template for our locally designed Notre Dame snowflake:

notre dame stained glass snowflake template for christmas window decor - harder
Download the Template

How to Hang Your Snowflake Window Decorations

Easiest way – scotch tape

We recommend taping in one of the holes of your design so the tape is hidden from view and seems to float in the window. Otherwise, if you tape at the top, it can be seen.

You might need a couple pieces of tape to secure the top and the bottom, so the folds in the paper do not carry it away from the window, which will distort the view from the outside.

If you are uneasy about using tape on the glass, you can also consider taping it to your curtains or even your Indow insert!

More advanced – creating a snowflake “curtain”

If you don’t want to use tape on your windows or your window coverings, you can create a winter wonderland with a tension rod, some yarn, and tape. It is also recommended you iron the paper snowflakes to ensure they are completely flat for better viewing from the sidewalk. Diane from In My Own Style has a great tutorial on how to make something like this.

snowflake hanging options window curtain for christmas decor

Using Lighting to Make Your Window Snowflake Décor Glow

If you want to help these snowflake window decorations twinkle after the sun has set, consider getting some LED lights to put around your window frame. This can be done with a single light fixture or by using rope around the perimeter. The rope lights will require either double sided tape or fasteners, such as nails, so those with historic homes may want to opt for a lamp with a colored light bulb. If you have sheer curtains, consider placing the light behind the curtains for a nice even glow of light behind your snowflake designs.


More Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Entertain your children at home with our hands-on energy efficiency learning activity. This free, printable activity helps your kids learn about energy conservation and sustainability. Designed for ages 8-12 and fun for the whole family!

Download our Free Junior Energy Investigator Activity Book

Even better, we have a winter weatherization checklist for adults, so you and your kids can complete sustainable activities while bringing your energy costs down this winter.

winter activities and decor for kids and families

Share Your Christmas Window Decorations

If you create these snowflakes for your windows, share a picture! Post it in the comments or tag us on Instagram (@indowwindows).

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