Download & Cut Snowflake Holiday Window Decorations

Every year we like to celebrate windows and the holiday season with snowflakes! Holiday Christmas window decorations are a great tradition. They bring your eyes to your windows, an often overlooked feature of your home, and cutting out snowflakes is a craft for the whole family.

father and child creating holiday christmas window decorations - paper cut snowflakes

There couldn’t be easier holiday Christmas window decorations than snowflakes. Most everyone already has everything they need to create them. Plus, if you mess up a cut, it just turns into another unique snowflake to decorate your windows.

We created five different snowflake designs for you to choose from. This year we added a new snowflake, specially designed by a local artist to honor the Notre Dame stained glass window.

Special Notre Dame Window Decoration

We were very touched by the outpouring of support from the preservation community when this tragedy occurred. So many felt as we did, that old buildings aren’t just structures, they are a part of our collective cultural DNA. Here’s what we said at the time:

People who have been to Notre Dame are in mourning. Those who have never stood in awe of the spire have felt its loss. Buildings are more than bricks and wood and glass. They hold our history and have our respect. Preservation is about more than resources, it’s about saving pieces of our culture and ourselves. We’re thinking of Paris and hoping whatever can be, is saved. 

notre dame snowflake template for holiday christmas window decoration

Template for our locally designed Notre Dame snowflake:

snowflake holiday window decoration
Download the Template

Templates for our holiday Christmas window decorations:

(Click on the image to download)

indow windows nthp snowflake
Indow snowflake design 4
indow windows nthp snowflake
indow windows nthp snowflake
indow windows nthp snowflake


indow window snowflake designs for download
indow windows instructions to fold and cut snowflakes for window decorations

Share Your Christmas Window Decorations

If you create these snowflakes for your windows, share a picture! Post it in the comments or tag us on Instagram (@indowwindows).

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