Erin and her husband bought their historic home in Portland for it’s unique charm. The windows in the historic home contributed so much to this character, but they unfortunately made the house cold in the winter. Erin was pleased to find Indow window inserts could dramatically improve her historic home comfort without replacing the beautiful windows.

No one tells the story of Indow window inserts and the comfort they bring better than our clients, so here she is to tell the full story:

Watch How Indow Window Inserts Helped Erin Cozify Her Historic Home

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My husband and I bought our first house in Portland, about a year ago. When we moved in it was August and we were worried about the comfort in our home through our first winter here in Oregon. The alternative for us was going into first winter we could either purchase new windows for something like $40,000 or look at these neat little inside storm windows as an alternative solution. We didn’t.. There was no option for us. There was no alternative. We want to maintain as much of the original integrity and charm that is this bungalow, and we could not do that by buying a new set windows.

I work in the energy conservation industry and I actually to a lot of research on emerging technologies and that is how I found out about this simple little invention and was really… it was one of those “ah ha” moments where you realize “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!” So they came over and gave us a tutorial on how install them and put them in for us, and we are really happy.

We have white window frames in almost every window in our home and they were able to provide us with Indow window inserts that blend right in. Almost don’t notice they are there. They disappear into the original window frame and really allows the original window to shine through.

One thing I loved about the company was that after the installation we heard back from the team a number of times because they were really excited  to hear feedback and see if there was anything that they could do to improve the service or improve the product to ensure it fit our needs.  I don’t think a lot of companies won’t give you that kind of personal attention and customer service that you feel like you deserve after making the investment.

Quite frankly I don’t know if I would ever replace windows in a home again. I feel that Indow window inserts on a whole really provide you with the same exact the benefits of window replacements while allowing you to do as little damage to the original building envelope is possible.


Why Stories Like These Warm Our Hearts

Buying your first home is so exciting. You picture the history of the home and how your story will be added to this timeline. You picture all these beautiful new ways you will make the home yours and the stories that will be created within. Having a fear of discomfort because the lack of insulation or the expensive costs of heating shouldn’t alter this narrative as it’s something fixable! It is possible to attain the comfort you deserve without having to alter the character that made you fall in love with the house. We are proud of each homeowner who we assist in saving their original windows, and are on a mission to get the word out to historic home owners to stop replacing their beautiful windows!