If you haven’t noticed, Indow has a good time. We shoot fun videos. We play ping pong. Sam supplies us with a constant stream of chocolate bars on his desk. And we like funny games, the annual Play Contest being our favorite since all Indow Window fans are invited to play!

The photo shoots for both this year and last year’s contests were in Sam’s dining room. Because Indow Windows make life warm and comfortable, we photograph the room with Indow and without.

2013_play_warm_608 (1)

2013_play_cool_608 (1)







Then we ask you to count the differences between the two pictures and submit your answers. But since we like fun, we’ve added another layer to the contest: weekly “hints” in the form of staged photographs around the office. Each week we’ll pose for pictures in our spacious warehouse to “hint hint” at various differences in the two contest photos.


Hint photo from the office this week – hope Jelica’s staying warm enough!

We work hard; this is a great excuse for a stretch break and some laughs. This photo of Jelica decked out in her winter finest is our hint for next week – you get a sneak peek!

Prizes make life fun so we have plenty of good ones for the winner of the Play Contest: $350 worth of free Indow plus a 15% discount off any additional inserts, Pendleton king-size eco-wool blanket, a $50 gift certificate to Portland’s famous Powell’s Books and more.

Portland, Oregon knows about comfort and the good life. No wonder Indow Windows were invented here!