Retrofit your workplace so team members and customers feel safe and confident

Businesses looking for quick, effective ways to protect employees and customers, as well as enhance their feeling of well-being, can now purchase Hands Free Door Adapters from Indow at This innovative product helps reduce disease transmission in the workplace.

indow hands free door knob adapters attached to offset pull door handle and lever door handle

Indow Hands Free Door Adapters allow people to open doors with their forearms instead of their hands. They’re made from durable aluminium and affix to existing offset door pull handles, round door knobs, and standard lever door pulls. These door adapters install very easily, are easy to use and clean, and can be uninstalled after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. 

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Our Hands Free Door Adapters were inspired by the Clean Practice system Indow developed for improving team safety and morale as organizations return to work. Companies can access free templates for COVID-19 response plans and implementation principles at Based on Lean manufacturing principles, Clean Practice provides a participatory approach to identifying and reducing or eliminating disease transmission vectors in the workplace. Indow developed the new Hygiene Safety Products as the company worked to reduce risks for its own team. 

“We have to do everything we can to protect employees and customers as we return to work,” said Indow CEO Sam Pardue. “Our team is committed to innovating and sharing our insights.”