Willamette Week went searching for green companies in Portland. Businesses making a big difference through their sustainable practices and products. Indow was chosen as one of three companies making a huge impact on our sustainable future.

Willamette Week Green Companies Portland

“We Portlanders know the importance of sustainable living. And we also value business that have the same green ethos. [Here] are a few of the Portland businesses working to improve the city and create a better future and how they are doing it.”

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Green Companies Portland: Our Reaction

Many Indow employees work here because we are mission-driven and create an environmentally friendly product. They were specifically searching for sustainability-focused companies, so being called out as one of the green companies in Portland by Willamette Week rings true.

Indow workshop two workers creating window inserts

When asked what drew them to work for one of the chosen Green Companies in Portland, Indow employees answered:

“I wanted to dedicate myself to a company that I share similar values to and somewhere I can build a career with room for growth. Lots of companies provide a service, few are making a lasting impact on climate change.” -Daniel

“I discovered Indow while seeking a way to reduce my own energy consumption while increasing comfort and was instantly drawn to the company.” -Russ

“I had just finished service in Peace Corps and wanted to find another job that was mission-driven. I appreciated that Indow had created the We Hire Refugees program for businesses and that the product they manufactured was environmentally friendly.” -Kaigler