We are excited to announce that Indow Windows worked with Neil Kelly to provide energy upgrades and preserve the beautiful governor’s mansion, Mahonia Hall! This is such an important project because it’s a prime example of the government working with local businesses, that provide a locally manufactured product, in order to improve the environment in the community.

How did we help give this beautiful building energy upgrades?

The fantastic team over at Neil Kelly partnered with the State of Oregon to do various energy upgrades including insulation, air sealing, LED lighting, and Indow Windows! All of these measures not only provide the building with energy savings, but bring a much greater level of comfort to everyone inside.


“It’s important to remember that much of what it takes to create more comfort and energy savings on older historic homes is typically ‘unglamorous’ features such as insulation and air sealing,” said Chad Ruhoff, manager, Neil Kelly Home Performance. “Additionally, replacement of historic windows is often not an affordable option, so that’s where press-in interior storm windows such as Indow Windows can help block drafts and noise while maintaining the look of the older window.”

“These are necessary and valuable improvements to Mahonia Hall,” said Governor Kitzhaber. “In the United States, buildings consume nearly 50 percent of our energy, and we need to do what we can to reduce consumption in our homes. The benefit is that these improvements not only save energy, they also make our homes more comfortable as a result.”


Bring comfort and preservation to historic buildings

The reason we are so excited about this project is because it’s another beautiful historic residence with windows we were able to save! The governor’s mansion is a symbol of a leader in this great country, and the windows are an integral part of the character of this architectural symbol. Whether your home is a historical site or someplace you personally treasure, it’s important to preserve the memories embedded in the building.

Preservation is only the first step – we must work together to perform energy upgrades to the building stock we have so that communities and our planet become sustainable. It seems like a daunting task, but this project is one example of how governments and businesses are making traction with one window at a time.