The prospect of upgrading your work space before employees return to work may be daunting, but the investment is well worth it. Your team will be adjusting to a new environment, not returning to work as normal. Be transparent with your team members and meet as many of their expectations as possible without putting your company at risk.

employee wearing mask after returning to work in warehouse with safety precautions

Return to Work Expectations

As employees return to work they’ll want to be assured of their safety and comfort. They’ve just spent months out of the office or working from home where they had complete control of their environment. They may not expect the same level of comfort they had in their home offices, but they won’t want to return to the same space or protocols that were in place when they left.

Your employees invested in their work spaces, learning how to soundproof an office to mitigate distractions and increase productivity. They kept their space clean to be healthy enough to return to work. Now it’s your turn to make the same investments for them.


Increasing Worker Safety & Comfort

COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Create a return to work COVID-19 mitigation plan with the help of Clean Practice. Clean Practice helps reduce transmission vectors in the work space. Resources include free templates and webinars offering training and development of your own company response plan. You can review the Indow COVID-19 Plan as an example.

Start by adding highly visible Hygiene Safety Products, which reduce disease transmission on high-contact areas. By amending entryways with door knob adapters, employees are informed as soon as they pass through the doors, that their safety is top priority.

table with cleaning supplies and return to work COVID-19 mitigation plan

Soundproofing, Temperature Control, & Distraction Reduction

As many employees discovered at home, noisy neighbors can break concentration, ruin phone calls, and rob you of hours of work. Those neighbors can live next door, work in the next cubicle, or be right outside your office window.

WorkDesign’s article explains how noise limits creative thought, lowers productivity, and jeopardizes health. It also outlines office soundproofing tips for already built environments. The most effective technique is installing Indow Acoustic window inserts, which block up to 70% of outside noise. They are removable, so work well with leased spaces and can also be used to create isolated soundproof spaces, like conference rooms.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (along with Evergreen Economics) conducted a study of secondary windows such as Indow window inserts, and found they are highly effective, yet underutilized. Window inserts help with air infiltration, energy loss, solar heat gain, and soundproofing—all of which help with the comfort and safety of employees. The report also covers two case studies involving Indow customers.

Start by adding window inserts in just one room or one side of the building. Then, test the results in that space before committing to anything more. Visit our Commercial Pilot Program page for more info.

man installing Indow window inserts on large window for office soundproofing

Return to Work Safely & Successfully

The key to returning to work successfully is planning and adjusting. Be open to employee requests and suggestions and take them as opportunities to increase productivity. Your team is your best asset, invest in them by making them feel safe and comfortable and the return will be abundant.