The beautiful windows at the Salerno Condominiums date back to the original construction in 1929. Unfortunately, this means the apartment windows were quite drafty and brought chills to the tenants inside.

One of the condo owners couldn’t take the chills, and he headed over to Neil Kelly to inquire about making his unit more comfortable by insulating his apartment windows with Indow window inserts. Pat Murray, an expert in home performance at Neil Kelly, was delighted to assist.

Indow window inserts blend in with a building’s existing look.

“Indow [window inserts] were a great fit because it did not change the outside look of the building,” Murray stated. “Windows were the primary concern of the condo owners because the windows have steel frames and single pane glass that are very leaky.”

Indow window inserts work with homes, apartments and condos alike.

“The original homeowner came into the showroom and looked at the display. He was really excited about Indow Windows and ended up telling 3-4 of his neighbors and got them excited. I let them know that we have a special volume discount program and we would work with them on a group deal.”

side view of Salerno Condominium window

How do the condo owners like the results?

“It’s summertime now, and the temperature is mild, but they all said they love the Indow [window inserts] and can’t wait for winter this year!”

How Indow window inserts can help apartments and condos.

Because condo and apartment dwellers typically live in a denser environment with more activity in courtyards and sometimes with buildings on busy streets, noise tends to be a fairly common concern.  Since many times the owners are not permitted nor is it feasible to change the windows, Indow Windows provide an excellent solution providing both noise reduction and thermal comfort.

“There is another condo in the Pearl who has been looking at Indow Windows for noise reduction,” Murray offers. He and a team at Neil Kelly have been assisting home and condo owners in Portland and Seattle with noise reduction. Indow Windows can provide a sound reduction of 50-70% when place over single pane glass, which is very beneficial in noisy apartment buildings subject to a lot of street noise.

If you are interested in learning more about insulating your apartment windows with Indow to block out noise or drafts, find your local dealer here.