For the past month, Portland businesses have competed with each other for bragging rights and weekly prizes, and Indow Windows has reason to be proud. Out of our 18 employees, 12 have regularly been commuting to work by bike for a total of more than 1,000 miles logged in September. Kelly, our Challenge team captain, biked 16 miles every day! All that riding put us in the top 10% for number of trips and percentage of workdays biked.

Indow had great participation in the Bike commute challenge

The Bike Transportation Alliance, an Oregon group supporting bike-friendly policy nationwide, hosts the Bike Commute Challenge each September to raise awareness for the environment, health and traffic concerns. For many of our employees, it takes just as long to drive to work in traffic as it does to ride. The fresh air and exercise makes riding a no-brainer compared to the gridlock Portland experiences during rush hour.

It was easy to stay motivated for most of the month, with crisp fall days and plenty of sunshine. But as the season changed last week, so did Portland’s weather. We replaced sunglasses and shorts with rain shells and gloves, but that won’t keep us out of the bike lane.

Biking to work and reducing vehicle miles goes along with our company’s triple-bottom-line philosophy. Not only are we biking during the Challenge, but we’ll bike year-round, rain or shine (and there’s lots of rain during Portland’s winter!). Two of our employees moonlight as bike mechanics, and spend time every day tuning our fleet of cycles. Our CEO loves to ask if you biked to work today, and gently persuades you to ride more!

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