Energy Efficient America visited Indow to talk about energy efficiency,  sustainability, and average kilowatt usage. While here, they filmed a video to give you an exclusive look behind the scenes at our manufacturing process. They were interested in how window inserts bring energy efficiency to homes, how our product is made, and also, how we keep our own efficiency in the factory so high.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are important to us, that’s why we create the inserts we do. We also want to create them in the most efficient way possible. We use lean manufacturing to increase our output and decrease our waste as much as possible.

We also don’t want to waste electricity. With the average electrical cost per square foot for a commercial space so high, we source 100% of our energy from renewable sources. To bring the average kilowatt usage down, we switched to LED light fixtures & installed ductless heating that saves on heating and cooling. We even installed our own inserts to keep our space comfortable, heating & cooling usage low, and heating bills even lower.

Take a peek at our energy efficiency in action:


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