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How To Get More AirBnB Bookings

The advent of AirBnB has seen anyone who owns their own home (and some who don’t) easily able to rent it out to whoever is interested. While it’s a popular system, it’s not an easy gig. It’s competitive, and [...]

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Watch This Old House Use Indow Inserts

Know what’s better than watching This Old House restore and renovate gorgeous old homes for modern day living? Being a part of that process, since buying an old house can be life-changing! We’re excited to say Indow is part [...]

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Learn Wood Window Repair

Original windows are about the best thing on an old house. And when they’ve been torn out and thrown in a landfill, and new ones put in, that house is never quite the same. That’s because many old windows [...]

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Arched Windows? We’ve Got You Covered.

Storm window inserts for the arched, round and otherwise odd-shaped window. Acrylic opens up all kinds of possibilities. It’s lightweight, more transparent than glass and can be made into just about any shape imaginable. Which is why people with [...]

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Window Condensation: Why & How

Do you have window condensation? Window condensation is so. not. fun. First of all, there goes your view! And it’s not good for the windows or walls: all that moisture can lead to rot and problems with mold and [...]

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