Indow Window Inserts Company Updates

/Indow Window Inserts Company Updates/

A New Partnership in the World of Old Window Repair

Indow and Preservation Maryland call for restoring wood windows Preservation Maryland helps people figure out ways to care for and preserve their homes and buildings to make their communities stronger. Key to that mission? Convincing people to engage in [...]

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home to Beat Winter

Don't despair if the groundhog sees his shadow - reduce your carbon footprint instead. What should you do if the groundhog sees his shadow Friday and there’s six more weeks of winter?Hide?Hiding is tempting, we know.  We have a better [...]

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Loud Noise Through Your Windows? Turn Down the Volume

Mandi Gubler Solves Her Noise Problem Nationally acclaimed blogger and DIY expert Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals could hear traffic noise coming through the century-old mercantile she’s turning into a home and office in a historic building renovation. It was way. [...]

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Make Snowflakes for the Old Windows You Love

Happy holidays everyone! Who doesn’t love beautifully crafted old windows? And who doesn't love to cut out snowflakes? Especially super pretty ones. So to bring those two things together, our creative director Michael made five paper snowflake designs for you [...]

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Fearless Historic Renovation: Facebook Live Event December 7

Making historic renovation approachable  There are a heck of a lot of historic renovation/home renovation blogs out there but we’ll wager there aren’t any with as much heart as Mandi Gubler’s. For years now, Mandi has renovated and redecorated newer [...]

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