We are happy to hear you have been referred to us by one of our satisfied customers. Indow inserts can solve a variety of comfort issues in your home. Our network of professionals will assist in diagnosing your issues and will provide an estimate with no cost to you.


Comfort, Quiet, & Energy Savings

Indow inserts are custom made from laser-measurements of your window frames. The precise, snug fit is key to how Indow window inserts seal out drafts and dampen noise to make your home comfortable and quiet. You’ll get all the comfort and energy savings of high-end double or triple pane windows but without the expense and hassle of window replacement.


Indow inserts on This Old House


Indow inserts are made of acrylic and edged with our patented silicone Compression Tubing. They just press into the interior of your window frames without a damaging track or magnetic system. Another benefit? They’re nearly invisible when installed, keeping the attention on your home’s decor and existing windows.


Remarkable Sound Dampening

Live on a busy street? Indow inserts can quiet that noise, so sidewalk conversations are hushed to a whisper and traffic sounds more like a babbling brook than a honking mess.

Whether you’re bothered by cold, noise, or hot summer air, Indow window inserts will make your home a comfortable, quiet place to be.


Indow window inserts will also help you save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills. Comfort that pays for itself? That’s Indow!

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woman installing indow insert for simple soundproofing in windows

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