indow NPI seminar
indow NPI seminar

Historic Windows Have Got It Going On

Have you ever noticed a historic house or building with vinyl replacement windows? Often, you can spot them a mile away. They’ve got a touch of the Frankenstein.

The National Preservation Institute understands the value of historic windows and why we need to restore, repair and save as many in this country as we can. That’s why Indow is helping sponsor this upcoming seminar in August: “Historic Windows: Managing for Preservation, Maintenance and Energy Conservation” in Portland, Oregon.

indow NPI seminar

Gordon H.Bock, contributing editor of Traditional Building and co-author of the Vintage House, will be leading the seminar.

It’s a deep dive into the rich history of wood, steel and aluminum windows and how they were constructed. You’ll learn how to maintain and rehabilitate windows to enhance their longevity and contribute to a more sustainable built environment. The seminar will also review energy conservation and economic challenges facing those in charge of historic structures.

Old windows matter. Often they’re made from “old growth wood” that’s hundreds of years old and so dense – evident in the tightly packed rings – it’s nearly rot resistant. Many have panes of hand blown glass. When we throw those kinds of windows into the landfill, we’re throwing away a lot of embodied energy.

indow NPI seminar

The seminar is taking place in Portland, Oregon where an ethic of reuse has informed the city’s preservation efforts, which we wrote about in the Alliance Review. We reuse everything here including buildings and pieces of buildings. In fact, the city is home to the largest collection of artifacts of demolished buildings west of the Mississippi. It’s a collection of what once was and reminds us why we want to preserve what still is!

Attend the NPI workshop in Portland to get involved in West Coast preservation efforts.

How to attend “Historic Windows: Managing for Preservation, Maintenance and Energy Conservation.”
Where: Portland, Oregon
When: August 27-28, 2018

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indow npi seminar