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Soundproof Your Windows in New Orleans

/Soundproof Your Windows in New Orleans
Soundproof Your Windows in New Orleans2018-07-26T21:39:41+00:00

Keep the noise outside in the party capital of the US

If ever there was a US city you could identify by its sound, it is la Nouvelle-Orléans.

Sometimes, however, it can get to be a bit much. Noise from the streets and parties can be easily heard through many of the older buildings’ windows, yet window replacement is a costly and lengthy procedure.

New Orleans Soundproofing

Window Inserts That Block Out Street Noise

Indow produces custom-fitted window inserts that allow you to block out noise penetration, without replacing your windows.

  • Laser-measured for a tight seal
  • Installation in minutes
  • Pop them in and out as you please

Made from acrylic glazing and lined with compression-fit tubing, Indow window inserts act as a second wall against sound, reinforcing your windows against noise penetration.

Keep Cool In The Summer Heat

By avoiding the need for replacement windows, Indow window inserts allow you to preserve the look and feel of your home while providing a range of comfort benefits. They block out excess heat to keep your home cool during summer, while retaining heat and reducing energy consumption in winter. By popping them in and out whenever you wish, you can achieve year-round temperature regulation.

In a city where the party never stops, you can choose when to groove and when to snooze with Indow window inserts. Your official dealer in the Louisiana area is Solar Alternatives – get a quote today by filling out our form!

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