Indow window inserts are now available with “Natural Wood” colored tubing to match lighter wood windows. This color was specifically designed to match historic, hand crafted wood frames—the kind you don’t want to hurt with mounting brackets. Indow uses a non-damaging compression system to stay in place so your old windows stay beautiful.

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Wood!

“I originally got the dark brown tubing for my inserts. Now I’ve got the lighter wood color in there and it looks really lovely. A big reason I got this house was the way the light comes through these windows and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the new inserts look in them.” -Michael, Indow Customer

Some Limitations on Warm Wood Color

While this color looks fantastic with wood frames made from American Cherry, Maple, and other warm wood colors, some limitations apply. Natural Wood window inserts are only available in ⅛” acrylic, so:

-Cannot accommodate Acoustic Grade
-Can fit trapezoids and triangles, but no other special-shaped windows
-More options possible with your feedback

Limited Supplies: Only 300 Inserts in Production

We are only making 300 inserts with the Natural Wood colored tubing. Once we run out of this very limited inventory, that’s it! Or is it?

With your feedback, Warm Wood may become a permanent color option for Indow window inserts. But, there’s no guarantee, so contact us now if you’re interested!

Indow Color Survey

Are you interested in expanding our color line? Want to keep Natural Wood around longer or expand it to include Acoustic Grade? Let us know here.

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“Once you pop them in (no hardware required), you don’t even notice them. It’s the kind of ridiculously simple invention that you think must have been invented before.” -Popular Mechanics, These Ingenious Window Inserts Will Slash Your Heating Bill

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