Cord and his partner Alfonso bought a piece of history when they purchased iconic Case Study House #26. It appealed to them, because, “We just liked that it was good design. Very straightforward and simple. It was very clear and clean and this appealed to us. It was wonderful.”


indow insert mid century


Case Study homes were commissioned by Arts & Architecture Magazine starting in 1945. The idea: how should American families live post World War II? What does well-designed living for the masses, built out of modern materials, look like?

The only one of its kind in the world, Case Study House #26 was designed by architect David Thorne and built in 1963 in San Rafael, California. It’s also the only Case Study house in Northern California. The home contains four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and has windows throughout, to the extent that it is almost a glass house. So it’s naturally, very drafty.


indow insert mid century


One contractor who looked at the windows wasn’t comfortable replacing them and it would have been a fortune anyway to get the right insulating glass that was also extremely clear. (Note: much of today’s modern glass has a slight green tint.) “The building would be a different building with tinted glass,” said Cord.

Then they heard about an innovative product that might be able to help with the clerestory windows: Indow window inserts. Especially designed for historic homes, Indow inserts proved the perfect solution for Cord and Alfonso’s problem, because they blocked the drafts without requiring any modification to the clerestory windows or window frames.

indow insert mid century

indow insert mid century

Among Indow’s multiple product grades, Cord and Alfonso chose Museum Grade, which had the added bonus of blocking 98% of UV rays (while still being completely clear).

And Cord and Alfonso were delighted that the inserts immediately blocked the cold radiating from the original windows: “This was definitely noticeable right away,” said Cord.

Cord and Alfonso also love how Museum Grade inserts protects their art collection from fading in the intense sunlight. And they appreciate how they can’t see the inserts, which blend in.

“I am amazed at how well they fit in and how easy it was to install them,” he said.

Cord studied restoration in Germany but never thought he would be in a position to restore and preserve a house of his own. He loves that his decision to buy Indow inserts will leave no trace on the windows of this historic American dwelling.

“I didn’t damage anything.”

Indow window inserts are available for customers in the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas. Curious about what Indow can do for your home? Get in touch with us today!

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