Laser Tailoring

Innovative Measuring to Customize Your Comfort

precise measuring for custom window insertsDid you know that due to the settling of your home most window frames are parallelograms or trapezoids? Trying to fit a rectangular insert into these abnormal shapes will not give you the best look or fit and will leave your windows susceptible to drafts.

To ensure great performance and aesthetics Indow has created an innovative laser tailoring process to produce a great fit every time. Unlike other window solutions, the Indow six point measuring system allows for a tight seal and uniform compression around the entire edge because we make your Indow the exact shape as your window frames, even if they are significantly out of square.

Windows that look square to the eye can be slightly off square, creating an extremely distorted shape. In fact, 95% of the Indow we make are laser tailored to fit out of square windows to deliver optimal comfort, looks, and performance. We supply customized comfort like no one else in the industry, so get started by contacting us for your laser tailoring today!