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Indow inserts are interior storm windows that press into place on the inside of your window frames, without the need for a mounting bracket. Our patented silicone tubing holds the insert in place while blocking drafts and noise. Unlike traditional storm inserts, Indow inserts don’t change the appearance of your home, or require climbing a ladder to install. The diagram below shows how the tubing squeezes into the window frame and holds the insert in position, even if the frame is out-of-square.

We pride ourselves on our team’s craftsmanship and experience. Each insert is cut to precisely fit each window frame, and the patented silicone compression tubing allows them to be easily popped in and out of place. So simple, you’ll wonder why they haven’t been invented before.

Chart comparing Indow window inserts to to magnetic storm windows

Check out this video to see how each insert is made:

What to expect from Indow window inserts:

  • Superior at blocking drafts
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Reduce or eliminate condensation
  • Average 20% energy savings
  • Up to 70% noise reduction
  • Approved by historic district guidelines

Avoid Magnetic Interior Storms That Require Adhesive & Screws

Many interior storms require adhesive, screws, or additional hardware, and often have to be measured, cut and assembled on-site before they can be installed. This can take hours, disrupting your home life and sometimes permanently altering the historic integrity of your home. Indow window inserts require none of the above. Once you’ve got the facts we know you’ll agree – Indow inserts are the best solution for beating drafts, heat, noise, privacy and UV issues in your home.

Diagram of how climate seal window inserts attach to your window frame

Each insert is custom made for your window and priced by the square foot. We’re happy to answer any questions. Sign up today for a free consultation and estimate.

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