Indow has created two new products to make a hygienic office safe, easy, and fully integrated. Indow Hands Free Door Adapter and Indow Sneeze Guard are engineering controls that modify the environment rather than relying on our habits to change.


Engineering controls such as Doorknob Adapters and Sneeze Guards/Protective Barriers modify the environment rather than relying on employee or customer habits. All other measures depend on each individual to monitor their temperature, wash their hands properly, and wear and dispose of PPE properly. With environmental controls, safety measures are in place independent of worker behavior.

The COVID-19 virus is transmitted between people through close contact and droplets. Sneeze Guards help create a physical barrier when social distancing is not possible. By using an extender and creating a hands free door opener, you avoid contact with bare hands to reduce vector points in the workplace. 

Hands Free Door Adapters

Indow Sanitary Door Knob Extenders are an American-crafted, non-permanent solution for modern retail and office establishments.


Modern design installs in minutes and leaves no permanent damage.

  • Provides high Protection with low effort.
  • Indow Hands Free Door Adapters allow easy operation with your arm.
  • Two designs available, made from aluminum. Fits standard lever and offset pull handles.
  • Easy to install.

Non-contact door openers come in two styles for the most common types of commercial door handles.

Non-permanent installation, so protection moves with your layout and leaves no holes if you no longer need it.

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Sneeze Guards

Indow Sneeze Guard is an American-crafted, non-permanent protective barrier for modern retail and service industry establishments.


Place a protective barrier at all points of interaction for the safety of your employees and customers. Remove customer anxiety and make your business a healthier place where all who enter feel confident in their well-being. 


Indow Sneeze Guards are durable, sturdy, and have higher clarity than glass.

  • Made from high-quality acrylic (light & durable).
  • Easy to install anywhere that has a surface.
  • Non-permanent installation, so protection moves with your layout and leaves no holes.
  • Designed for practical use - providing more coverage with less occupied space.
  • Slot at bottom for easy document or cash exchange.
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About Indow and Clean Practice

Clean Practice started at Indow, a window insert manufacturing company, the day reports surfaced COVID-19 was spreading in the Portland, OR area. In mid-flight we realized we were using the Lean manufacturing skills we rely on to make custom, precision-fitting window inserts. Since our COVID-19 plan was based on Lean, we decided to call it, Clean Practice.

The next step was products that support the action plan and reduce transmission points. The Sneeze Guards and Doorknob Extenders were designed as a result. Like the core products at Indow, they are designed to be non-damaging to the original building materials so if removed, they are completely restored. Easy to install, efficient, and comfort creating. We look forward to serving you.